"Allow me to be concerned," says Lionel Austin Wilcox, of Lafayette.

"My wife asked me to type and print for her a copy of 21 quotes from a collection of 70-plus of her favorite biblical quotes; she had marked each with a pencil.

"Noticeably UNMARKED was: 'My husband is wise. He is the king and priest of our home. He makes godly decisions.'

"I am still thinking…"

Sacrificial shrimp

Robert Cabes says Lenten observances "remind me of my childhood, when the Friday abstinence was a serious issue, with dire consequences if you strayed.

"I attended St. Michael’s School in New Orleans, two blocks from my home. The school had an unusual policy — students could pick one day a week to walk home for lunch.

"I selected Friday, walking home to share a fried shrimp po-boy from a neighborhood store.

"I remember asking my mother why all the nuns stressed the sacrifice theme, when we were eating that po-boy!

"My mother responded by telling me that 'in places other than south Louisiana, school children will be eating codfish balls or peanut butter sandwiches.'”

Call the police!

Carolyn Perry, of New Orleans, says, "In Tuesday's column was the comment, 'If you give a teacher a gun, there's no telling who she'd shoot.'

"Just wondering how many English teachers responded that it should be 'WHOM she'd shoot.' Bet the grammar police are locked and loaded!

"For the record, I think arming teachers, including grammarians, is a terrible idea."

Traiteurs, toddies

Warren A. Perrin says, "We are doing research for my wife Mary's book about traiteurs, Créole secret doctors, native Louisiana medicinal plants and the medicines that can be made from them, and also old-time home remedies of south Louisiana.

"Examples are the famous 'hot toddy' — made with or without a shot of whiskey, but 'with' was far more efficacious; scaring someone to get rid of hiccups; curing a wart with the white 'milk' that leaks out when a fig tree leaf is broken off, and putting elderberry leaves under a hat to prevent sunstroke.

Your readers can email Mary and me at perrin@plddo.com.

If used in the book, the submitter will be a given a free copy upon publication.

Swinging skier

Alex "Sonny" Chapman, of Ville Platte, adds to our collection of stories about "earworms," those bits of songs that get embedded in our heads:

"After a 20-year hiatus, I am returning to the ski slopes of Colorado. My first ski instructor advised that we get a song in our heads, to develop a rhythm as we sailed down the hills.

"So for several ski seasons I would prep for my vacation by listening to classic rock. One year I zeroed in on 'One Way Out' by the Allman Brothers.

"Imagine my surprise when, halfway down the hill, I was stuck with 'Tomorrow' from 'Annie' guiding my gravity-defying turns.

"Then it hit me: my then 5-year-old daughter Alexis, swinging in the backyard and and singing away. A big smile came to my chilly face."

Tangled up in blue

David Norwood has the blues:

"On Friday's Advocate front page was a picture of Baton Rouge's River Center, with the line of flags showing our history.

"First in llne is the French flag of Pierre Le Moyne, Sieur d'Iberville in 1699. That flag was white, not blue. It is in the rotunda of the State Capitol.

"Mayor Tom Ed McHugh corrected the error years ago; how did it turn back to blue again?

"You can look it up in the book 'Flags of Louisiana.'"

Hard times

Cheryl M. Litwin, of Metairie, says, "We were driving past a large yard sale when my son was about 4 years old.

“'Mommy, are those people CRAZY?,' he proclaimed.

"I asked what people and why would he say that, to which he replied, 'They’re SELLING their clothes!'”

And also Plutocrats…

Ted Dalrymple, of Harvey, says, "I recently noted the item in your column about Pluto being reinstated as a planet.

"I'm sure this must have been greatly appreciated by all the Plutonians."

Louisiana Haiku

A season for weeds

Strange plants cover unmown yard

Might learn to love them

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