Dear Smiley: After reading the story by Bill Donnelly in the Thursday column, asking if the young lady would feel better holding his hand, I was reminded of a flight where we were landing in a storm.

I was sitting there in my normal eyes-closed position when I felt something on my hand.

The young lady next to me had a death grip on my arm and her eyes were squeezed shut.

After landing she realized what she had done and apologized profusely. Of course, I advised her that no apology was necessary.

And (for my wife) it was the first time, only time, and last time I ever saw or spoke with her. I didn't even get her phone number.


St. Francisville

Dear David: Hey, if your wife buys it, I'm OK with it …

"Thriller" comes alive

Dear Smiley: In the summer of 1984 some friends and I were flying into Houston from Cozumel, Mexico, on the red eye.

We were coming in for the landing when the pilot suddenly hit the throttles.

I looked out the window and saw I-10 below. About 10 minutes later, he tried again and we landed at the airport.

As the pilot got off the plane I noticed he was wearing a Michael Jackson glove on one hand.


Port Vincent

Tall tale

Dear Smiley: In the summer of 1953 my late father was in graduate school at LSU, and I spent a few un-air conditioned nights with him in his dorm.

While he was in class, I (a 10-year-old) would roam the campus. My goal that summer was to find LSU's All-American basketball player Bob Pettit and get his autograph. Alas … never did.

Fast forward a mere 64 years to Grandparents' Day at University High where his grandson and ours are completing second grade.

On the way home, I told grandson Anderson about Mr. Pettit's many basketball achievements — All-American, All Pro, Halls of Fame, etc.

I couldn't wait to hear what the now-third grader would say.

His response: "One things for sure, Poppa, he's mighty easy to spot."


Baton Rouge

She knows her lemons

Dear Smiley: While dining at a reputable out-of-state restaurant during "Louisiana Lemonade" weekend, my 6-year-old companion Mello sipped her lemonade and immediately put it down.

When server Jessica returned to take our orders, Mello respectfully told her, "Ms Jessica, my lemonade tastes like cold water with a little bit of lemon juice."

Jessica explained that the restaurant provided lemonade from two areas, and that she would now go to the second area for our replacements.

When she returned, Mello sipped the lemonade, gave a thumb's-up approval and replied, "Now this tastes like really good Lafayette lemonade!"

At the end of the meal, Mello told me, "Auntie Bobbie, let's give Ms. Jessica a tip!"




Dear Smiley: Friday was a big day for Terry Burhans … too bad you messed up by not saying (in the Thursday column) that he is in town for his Broadmoor High School 50th class reunion. …he never went to Baton Rouge High.


Baton Rouge

Dear Doris: Sorry. There's no excuse for this carelessness. I got some wrong information and didn't check it. I hope the folks at BROADMOOR HIGH have a great reunion, and accept this Istrouma guy's apology.

Bend that gender

Dear Smiley: I'm an old man. I’ve realized one reason that women say they are smarter than men is that they enjoy a longer life expectancy.

So after my 78th birthday, I’m going to have sex-change surgery to be a female: I’ll then live longer and be smarter! Think I’ll keep the beard.



Dear Lionel: The operation may increase your longevity, but getting smarter might require a brain transplant, too.

No relation

Dear Smiley: Now that you are reaching retirement age, and Smylie Kaufman (former LSU golfer) is having moderate success on the PGA tour, the future mention of Smiley (Smylie) in Baton Rouge may invoke a whole new meaning.


Baton Rouge

Dear Ernie: Maybe so; but how can you take a guy seriously who doesn't know how to spell his first name? 

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