Dear Smiley: When I picked up my 4-year-old son, Brayson, from preschool on Presidents' Day, he presented to me a sheet he had colored of former Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

When we returned home, I piled it on my kitchen counter on top of all of his other school work from the previous week.

Not until last night, when I stumbled upon the coloring sheet again, did I notice that there was more to the assignment than simply coloring the picture.

Written on the back was Brayson's response to the statement, "If I were president..."

I couldn't help but laugh out loud at his response: "I would save everybody, with a cape."


Gainesville, Florida

Call out the Navy!

Dear Smiley: I just read an article on Business Insider that an invasive species of crawfish from Madagascar, called marmorkrebs, or marbled crayfish, is taking over Europe.

The species can apparently clone themselves, and are breeding prodigiously (another big word we can look up).

We have a new job for the Cajun Navy. They need to load up a few pallets of crawfish boil and head to Europe. Problem solved.



Biscuit memories

Dear Smiley: My dear departed husband, Charles Ray, used to tell about when someone was coming for Sunday dinner, that usually meant they would also be bringing something to share.

Well, they hoped one of the things would be a loaf of “light” bread, so they would have a break from eating those homemade biscuits.

Those biscuits also went to school with a little bottle of syrup. You stuck your finger in the side of the biscuit and poured the syrup in.

He also told of a tragedy one cold winter in north Louisiana, when it froze big-time. The house being a cut above a sharecropper's with no insulation, etc, the whole crop of canned green beans froze and the jars busted.


Hammond (and proud of it)

Hot duck soup?

Dear Smiley: Here's another little story about floor furnaces.

While we were growing up, my dad brought us kids two baby ducklings. We were excited to have such cute little pets, and set about putting cat food and water in separate dishes in the kitchen.

One of them was feeling a little adventurous and wandered away into the hallway. After stepping on the hot metal of the floor furnace, he came running back into the kitchen and just stood in his water bowl. Now, who would have thought that baby ducklings could be so smart?

We had them for a while, until they grew into beautiful white ducks, who tried to bite everyone!



Eat American

Dear Smiley: After reading Bobbie’s Spencer’s article about “breakfast dessert,” I realized our great-grandson John has been enjoying that most of his life.

When John was about 4 years old, his grandmother was preparing his meal. She asked what he would like for dessert, and he said he wanted "American oranges."

She chose an orange from the basket and was getting ready to peel it when he told her that was not what he wanted. After much discussion, he finally said, “Honey, I want American oranges, like I have at GG’s house.”

She gave up and called me with one question, “What kind of oranges does John eat at your house?”

My response, of course, was “Mandarin oranges.”

He’s 11 years old now, and still eats “American” oranges after his cereal at our house.


Baton Rouge

Breakfast of champions

Dear Smiley: About the story in a recent column about a "breakfast dessert" served after a cornbread and syrup breakfast:

Cornbread and syrup IS dessert!


Baton Rouge

Cutting remarks

Dear Smiley: One of your readers mentioned her dad had two operations in one day, tonsils and circumcision.

It reminded me of the two kids in the waiting room. One asked, "What are you in for?"


"I had that; my throat hurt, but I got to eat ice cream."

"What are you in for?"


"When I had that done, I couldn't walk for a year."



Louisiana Haiku

Baseball, softball time

Warm breezes, bright green grass fields

Peanuts, hot dog smells

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