Paul Major, of Livonia, says, "After watching perhaps a little bit more football this past weekend than was good for me, I began thinking about the phrases that many of the announcers/commentators use when describing the action on the field.

"I wonder whether there are some phrases that have a particularly regional flair to them that other sections of the country might not use.

"One that immediately came to mind as a Southern/Louisiana saying was, 'He was sticking to him like white on rice.'

"I wonder if your readers know of other phrases that are particularly descriptive, either from the South or other regions of the country."

(Paul points out that some of these sayings aren't printable. For instance, my dad, a country boy from Gloster, Mississippi, had a rainy-day expression involving a cow and a flat rock…)

The Southern gourmet

While we're on this down-home Southern kick, here's one from Carol Stutzenbecker, of Kenner, that woke up my taste buds and laid a craving on me:

"There has been a lot of mention in your column about mustard greens. I prefer turnip greens.

"In northern Louisiana (Shreveport ), my mom would cook them with salt pork or ham, and Daddy would saturate his serving with homemade pepper sauce.

"The meal was complemented with homemade cornbread made from stoneground cornmeal and buttermilk. The cornbread was used to soak up the pot liquor, a nutrient-rich turnip green broth.

"In southeast Louisiana turnip greens are rarely served, and I have a hard time finding them on a menu."

Helping Billy

Our mention of Billy Cannon's legendary punt return against Ole Miss in 1959 brought this comment from Gene Duke, who was on Istrouma High's formidable football teams with Billy in the '50s:

"I told Billy that I helped him win the Heisman Trophy by teaching him how to run the football with absolutely no blocking.

"During his famous run there were many attempted tackles, but few blocks."

Inquiring Minds Dept.

"I have a traffic question," says Carolyn. "Do you have an ‘advice team’ on payroll?' (Yes, but not on payroll.)

"When stopped at a red light, how far behind the car in front of you should you be? I was told you should be able to see the tires of the car ahead of you, but not the pavement.

"But I’ve seen some cars sitting two or three car-lengths behind the car ahead of them. On the other hand, I’ve had cars sit behind me so close I could see the whites of their eyes in my rear-view mirror."

Art for a cause

This one is a bit personal…

Lady Katherine's pet project is a Painting a Brighter Future art show, featuring works by folks with mental illness who take part in the Alliance House Drop In Center operated by the Mental Health Association for Greater Baton Rouge.

It's from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 2, at the Main Library on Goodwood Boulevard. The paintings will remain on display there during November, and may be purchased to benefit the artists.

I'm always touched to see how thrilled the artists are when they see their work praised and when they sell a painting. They've had a tough road, and you can tell they cherish this feeling of accomplishment.

Special People Dept.

  • Erin Ory Harelson celebrates her 96th birthday on Thursday, Nov. 2.
  • Elodie Dunn, of Azalea Estates Assisted Living in Gonzales, celebrates her 96th birthday on Thursday, Nov. 2. She is a former resident of Port Allen and Baton Rouge.

Thought for the Day

From Francis Celino, the Metairie Miscreant: "The worst things in life are also free."

Cheerful giving

Algie Petrere came across this church story, about a clever pastor:

The minister asked, "Is there anyone in the congregation who wants a prayer said for their shortcomings?"

"Yes," said a man in the front pew. "I am a spendthrift. I throw money around like it is growing on trees."

"Very well," said the pastor. "We will join in prayer for our brother — just as soon as the collection plate has been passed."

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