Even during the tough times, the Showers singing group, of Hammond, always believed there were “Better” days ahead.

So the success of the septet’s national debut album, “The Showers Family Group,” featuring the wonderful hit single “Better” and “Praise Your Way Through,” didn’t come as a surprise to the family. “Better” is No. 13 on Billboard’s Gospel Airplay.

“It is amazing,” said Regina Showers-Gordon, the oldest of the 10 siblings, seven of whom constitute the group. “God did it. It just lets you know that God can do anything but fail. I’m just in awe of everything that God is doing and I’m waiting to see what He’s going to do next.”

The Showers recently performed at the Essence Festival.

Showers-Gordon cites the Showers’ faith in God and hard work for bringing the group from “humble beginnings” to touring the country sharing the message of Christ through its soul and contemporary style of gospel music.

“I’ve always prayed about it, and set myself apart so it could happen, but it has been a testament of what faith and works can do,” Showers-Gordon said. “(The Bible) tells us faith without works is dead. But what faith and work can do is amazing. I’m just continuing to marvel at God’s goodness and His grace and praying for more favor.”

Titus Showers, the oldest of the four males and the only one in the singing group, echoed how God has blessed the family. Other members of the singing contingent are Tabitha Showers-Tillis, Melody Showers, Angela Showers-Lloyd, Tiffany Showers-Pines and Ciara Showers.

“It’s been a blessing,” he said. “I thank Him every day for what He’s done and where’s He’s taking us.”

Titus Showers, 35, said “Better” has resonated with the family and audiences.

“We fell in love with it immediately,” he said. “It ministers not only to us but to everybody. No matter if you’re up or down, you still want to be better. Whatever you’re going through in life, you want to be better. … We’re not perfect. But you’re just trying to be better. That’s our motto. God blessed us with that wonderful song.”

The song was written by Deon Kipping and features Christian hip-hop artist Canton Jones.

“ ‘Better’ just sets the tone,” Showers-Gordon said. “ ‘Better’ shares that no matter what you’re going through in your life, your health, your finances, your relationship, you can become better, and the person that can make you better is (Jesus). … So if you want to be better and you’re walking in obedience through Christ, you can become better. You can’t just become better by singing and saying it; you have to make a step to become better.”

“We came from a poor family, so we knew how it was growing up,” Titus Showers said. “We never missed a meal. We had home-cooked meals. We knew how it was to eat lunch-meat sandwiches and macaroni and cheese. We knew about the struggles.”

But the Showers remained faithful to God and the church.

Their father, the Rev. Bobby Showers, is the pastor of Rose Valley Missionary Baptist Church in Amite and Zion Travelers Missionary Baptist Church in Independence, and is president/moderator of Third District Bogue Chitto Baptist General Association, which includes 42 churches. Their mother, Oralean, has served as a missionary.

“All we did was go to church,” Showers-Gordon said. “We didn’t do too many other outings because we were always in church giving God our best. It was just understood that we had to be in church in every Sunday.”

It was in the church where the Showers began their music journey, starting with Showers-Gordon.

“It just became a family thing as we all got here. We all began to fall in line and just starting singing together,” Titus Shadows said.

The siblings have been performing for more than 20 years but didn’t start their national quest until 2012. The Showers’ first CD was the self-released “Hear My Prayer” in 2009. The group’s single “Praise Your Way Through” earned Bobby Jones’ “Power Pick of the Month” in October 2013.

The Showers have performed at many venues and events, including appearing on The Word Network, “Bobby Jones Gospel” and “Gospel Goes to the Hollywood Pre-Oscar event.”

“We try to treat every event as a big event,” Titus Showers said. “If I’m in front of people, I treat it as if God Almighty is standing there and try not to get blinded by the light. … I pray before every time we go onstage; I pray that God gets the glory.”

However, Showers-Gordon confesses that the Essence appearance on the Fourth of July was special. The Showers played to an enthusiastic audience and shared moments with other celebrities in the music and entertainment industry.

“It was just very welcoming,” she said. “That was home to us because we were in Louisiana. It was a great experience and very humbling.”

Humility was instilled in them by their parents.

“In all of us, our main objective is not to let the Savior down No. 1, and, No. 2, not to let my father down, who has molded us and grounded us into the word of God, and also my mother, who are living examples of what to do and how to do it,” Titus Showers said.

The parents set an example but family members had to have their conversion experience regarding Christ, Showers-Gordon said.

“When I had my own experience, I knew that my parents couldn’t go to Christ for me,” she said. “I knew I had to have my own relationship. So trials, storms, headaches and pains brought me closer to the Lord. And that’s what did it for me.”

The Showers family has been blessed, the siblings said. All are educated professionals — including business owners, teachers and a Realtor — with flexible schedules that allow for touring. Another brother is a minister.

Among several ventures, Showers-Gordon runs A&P Records, which produced the Showers’ self-titled album. She was a teacher for eight years. Titus Showers works for Showers-Gordon at A&P Records and also as a counselor to mental health patients.

“It was a struggle to come from humble beginnings,” Showers-Gordon said. “But God did what He does best — that is, to show favor.”

The Showers have worked to show favor in the community. They have helped with workshops and providing school uniforms and book sacks to make life better for others.

“It’s our job to give back,” Titus Showers said. “Jesus stated it best: ‘The poor will always be with you.’ God smiles when you render your service to somebody who is less fortunate than yourself. And that’s what we try to do. Whatever we can do on behalf of the community, God knows we’re trying to do our best.”

The Showers made the first ballot for the 46th annual Dove Awards in the categories of Traditional Gospel Album of the Year; Worship Album of the Year; and Traditional Gospel Recorded Song of the Year (“Better”).

For more on the Showers, go to theshowers.org.

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