Video: Intense scene at Alton Sterling protest in Baton Rouge as officers charge protesters in woman's front lawn _lowres

Advocate staff photo by BRIANNA PACIORKA -- Law enforcement wait across the street from protesters during a protest on East Boulevard in downtown Baton Rouge on Sunday, July 10, 2016.

Following a peaceful march Sunday afternoon from a church to the State Capitol, police, dressed in riot gear, charged into the front yard of Lisa Batiste on East Boulevardand started arresting protesters after more than a one-hour standoff.

The confrontation occurred when protesters decided to expand their march onto Government Street. Police officials said they feared protesters were going to try to shut down a part of the interstate or Government Street, a major road in Baton Rouge. It was not clear why police decided to clear the yard where Batiste lives. She had told protesters they could gather in her front yard and on her front porch.

“I’m disappointed. So disappointed. It was extremely unnerving — the military-style policing," Batiste said of the arrests.