QUESTION: What’s the status of the Claycut bridge, which is slated for replacement once the sewerage work is done?

ANSWER: “The final plans were recently received by the design consultant,” city-parish Public Works Director Bryan Harmon says. “We anticipate the project going to construction around the September-October 2015 time frame. The project will take approximately six months to complete once construction begins.”

QUESTION: I work downtown and live in the Garden District, which means I take Government street back and forth every day to get to and from work. The other day I was heading home and didn’t notice that the signals at the railroad crossing were going off — I had music on so I could not hear the bells, and the lights were not easy to pick up due to the angle of the sun. I crossed, along with several other cars, when a train was only a hundred yards or so away.

This has happened more than once, and you often see people cheating at this crossing if the signals are on but they feel they have enough time to beat the train. Trains aren’t moving all that fast through there, but it still seems incredibly dangerous to not have gates at this particular crossing. Is there a reason why there aren’t any gates at the Government street railroad crossing?

ANSWER: Indira Parrales, a state Department of Transportation and Development spokesperson, says: “There is a current project in the design phase which may address the issue at this railroad crossing. A public meeting will be scheduled in the near future to release the proposed plans.

“Also, records from the Federal Railroad Administration indicate that within the last 10 years there was a collision in 2013 with no one reported hurt.

“Safety is DOTD’s No. 1 goal and drivers should pay attention at all times. Distracted driving is dangerous. Check out Destination Zero Deaths on Facebook at”

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