The kindergartners at Runnels teamed up with their sixth-grade buddies on March 30 to tackle a 35-station circuit workout in connection with the school’s Zip Fit Challenge, a 50-day fitness initiative for students and faculty in honor of Runnels’ 50th anniversary.

The circuit workout, which took place on the elementary playground, rotated kindergartners and their sixth-grade buddies through a series of fitness stations focusing on important skills like balance, jumping and hopping, core strength, tossing and catching, and coordination, a news release from the school said.

The workout also emphasized fun and friends.

“Today is all about active exercise and having fun together,” said kindergarten fitness teacher Mary Winnett, who planned and organized the event. “It’s a great opportunity to get in some fitness and spend quality time with our buddies.”

Fitness is a regular part of the kindergarten curriculum at Runnels, Winnett said. Every day, students have two recesses for unstructured activity and 30 minutes of physical education called kindergarten fitness. Two days a week in fitness class, the kindergartners do stations such as frog jumps, agility ladder, tin can stilts and the tunnel crawl.

“We have so much fun with our stations,” Winnett said, “we wanted to invite our buddies to join us.”

On hand for the kindergarten and sixth-grade buddy circuit workout was Zip Fit Challenge co-coordinator and cross country and track coach Julie Fink.

“The circuit workout epitomizes what we’re trying to do with the Zip Fit Challenge — fitness and fellowship,” she said. “We want to get students moving and we want to build friendships.”