Southside community photo gallery for Nov. 12, 2015 _lowres

Photo provided by Kristen Hogan -- Attending the YMCA of the Capital Area’s annual Cornerstone Endowment Dinner for donors on Oct. 27 at City Club of Baton Rouge, front from left, are Lance Kinchen, Andy Blumberg, Mischa Breard, Ashley Von Kurnatowski, Jon Blumberg, Sylvia Landry, Rickey Heroman, Lara Falcon and Debbie Heroman; and back, Bob Jacobs, Michael Breard, Zefferino Von Kurnatowski, Barry Blumberg, Eddrick Martin, Josh Landry, Matt Falcon, Jeff Casey and Debbie Jacobs.

The YMCA of the Capital Area hosted its annual Cornerstone Endowment Dinner on Oct. 27 at the City Club of Baton Rouge.

Various lifetime members and donors were honored and presented with vases as a token of appreciation, a news release said.

The fund began in 1998 as a way to save money and use the interest generated to enhance YMCA programs and services.

The guest speaker was Carleton Gordon, a participant in the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program who has lost 20 pounds while participating in the program.

Lifetime members honored for 2015 are Charles and Carole Lamar, Alex and C.C. Lewis, David Manship, George and Fonda Crooker, Ginger Ford, Julio and Courney Guillen, Sharon Field, Mitchell Jacobs, Pete Hicks, The Pennington Foundation, Baton Rouge Rotary and Inner Wheel, Barry and Jon Blumberg, Bob and Debbie Jacobs, Don and Sue Clark, Eddrick and Shanda Martin, Diana Weber, Gerry Lane Enterprises, Jeff Casey, Josh and Sylvia Landry, Matt and Lara Falcon, Michael and Mishca Breard and Zefferino and Ashley Von Kurnatowski.

Society members honored for 2015 are Kerry and Cookie Uffman, Alex and Jamie Lewis Jr., Ty McMains, Jerry and Susie Haralson, John and Kelley Buzzell, Rickey and Debbie Heroman and Mike Miller.