More restrictions have been enacted to protect the beaches at Vernon Lake.

An ordinance approved by the Vernon Parish Police Jury prohibits vehicles from driving or parking on the beach at Vernon Lake Spillway Park.

Police Juror Mike Kay said the ordinance grew out of reports by the Sheriff’s Office that drivers are damaging the beach at Spillway Park.

“There’s been a lot of work done to beautify a lot of the parish and there are still a lot of problems,” Kay said. “This (ordinance) would prevent a lot of other issues that would come up and unauthorized use around the area and people engaging in nefarious activities at night. I do believe this is necessary.”

The measure is a step toward protecting the future of the park, jury secretary-treasurer Rhonda Plummer said.

“We just put a lot of money into the beach to help clean that up and we have a lot more plans for that area,” she said. “We’ve had a lot of work done as far as development there.”

The parish received an estimated $500,000 from the state capital outlay funding for renovation of Vernon Lake Spillway Park.

The beach ordinance also included changes in the rules for overnight camping at parish-owned properties.