I do not understand why Washington politicians will not tell the truth to America.

If I understand the sequestration issue correctly, we are discussing this year cutting five cents from every $1 we spend in Washington. Since we apparently borrow 46 cents of every $1 we spend, this would mean that we would have to borrow only 41 cents of every dollar we spend.

By any measure, the reduction in spending is not a huge deal and certainly not the catastrophic event the politicians are making it. If our country is ever capable of taking control of our bloated government spending, there certainly will be some shared pain but this current solution does not result in that.

As part of the national media, The Advocate could be part of the solution by telling the truth and holding politicians, which includes Democrats, Republicans and the president, accountable for not being up front with voters. If you decide to print this, do not edit.

jim terrill

retired from sugar industry

Baton Rouge