A Zachary man was sentenced Thursday to five years and 10 months in federal prison after he admitted he persuaded a 14-year-old girl to text him nude photographs of her torso in 2010.

Chief U.S. District Judge Brian A. Jackson also ordered Christopher S. Brown, 32, to pay a $5,000 fine and serve 10 years of post-prison supervision by federal investigators.

Brown, who already was in federal custody at the request of Assistant U.S. Attorney Cam T. Le, apologized to his wife, his family and the judge.

“I misbehaved,” Brown added.

Jackson told Brown he is in “serious need of some help,” adding that the offender was guilty of “absolutely reprehensible conduct.”

Brown also pleaded guilty to possession of a cellphone with illegal images of two other girls, one believed to be 8 years old two years ago.

Those images were of an adult male’s hands sexually fondling the two little girls in their sleep.

The same cellphone also contained text messages between Brown and the 14-year-old girl from 2010, according to testimony last summer by FBI Special Agent Tom Tedder.

In one of those messages, Tedder testified, Brown told the 14-year-old: “You know the pic I really want.”

Regarding the images of the two girls who were fondled in their sleep, Tedder testified that a forensic pediatrician estimated that one was “most likely under the age of 8.” The same pediatrician, who has 35 years of experience, estimated that the other girl was “in her teens,” Tedder testified.

Brown’s cellphone was recovered by a woman at the scene of a car crash in St. Francisville in September 2010, Assistant U.S. Attorney Alan A. Stevens said in court records last year.

The woman recognized the 14-year-old’s photograph on that cellphone, Stevens said. The prosecutor said the woman contacted St. Francisville Police, who later turned the cellphone over to the FBI.

Le told Jackson in September that Brown was admitting guilt to two counts of possessing videos or pictures of “minors engaged in sexually explicit behavior.”

“Do you agree, sir, that this is what you did?” Jackson asked Brown four months ago.

“Yes,” replied Brown.

On Thursday, Jackson told Brown that while he is in prison he must submit to available substance abuse programs as well as anger management treatments. The judge also ordered Brown to undergo a psychosexual evaluation and submit to any treatment recommended by a professional in that field.