QUESTION: “When they widened O’Neal Lane, south of Interstate 12 to Old Hammond Highway, many cement triangle-shaped structures were added to the side of the roadway. The placement is extremely hazardous in that this stretch of roadway has become a superhighway and should a vehicle hit one, the vehicle would catapult into the air. To alleviate potential injury, regardless of the reason, wouldn’t a guard rail have been a better solution?”

ANSWER: That shape looks more to us like a trapezoid than a triangle or even a rhombus. Nevertheless, we, too, were intrigued on their purpose. So, we checked with Rodney Mallet, a spokesman for the state Department of Transportation and Development.

“The raised concrete structures located along some portions of the sidewalks on O’Neal Lane were constructed to provide protection for pedestrians from adjacent drainage structures with significant elevation differences,” Mallet says.

“The placement of these structures was done in accordance with Chapter 10 of the AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) Roadside Design Guide, which suggests placement of fixed objects in an urban environment be no less than 6 feet from the face of a roadway’s curbing.

“For this reason, the concrete barrier was placed 6½ feet from the face of the curbing. As for the guardrails, there is no place to install them where they would be functional and not be in the sidewalk.”

No clarification needed

QUESTION: In the classified section of The Advocate’s Sept. 2 edition, the Sewerage Commission had published the proposed supplemental bond resolution No. 51651 in which the first paragraph stated the meeting was held in room 348 (Council Chambers). My question is the council chambers are being renovated and the council moved their meetings to the ninth floor, so how could the Sewerage Commission hold a meeting in room 348? If this an oversight on their part, they should rerun the Public Notice with a clarification.

ANSWER: Metro Council Administrator Casey Cashio says: “The renovations in the chambers are scheduled to begin in October. The Metropolitan Council will continue to meet in the Council Chambers at least through September. The advertisement stated that the meeting was held in the Chambers. That is correct.”

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