Confederate soldier

Q. What happened to the Confederate soldier statue that was in the middle of North Boulevard?

A. The marble statue of a Confederate soldier was moved to a storage lot on Chippewa Street to allow work to proceed on the North Boulevard Town Square.

Downtown Development District Director Davis Rhorer said the statue will be placed on the grounds of the Old State Capitol, though there is no specific timetable available.

Bluebonnet speed limit

Q. Why are the speed limits (30 mph and 40 mph) on Bluebonnet between Burbank and La. 30 so low? Why aren’t they the same as the rest of Bluebonnet? This is a four-lane, divided street with sidewalks along the residential section and open fields the rest of the way. And, what makes this section of Bluebonnet different from the same section of Gardere, which has no sidewalks (people often walk along the shoulder) and is a narrow two- lane street?

A. Response from Lauren Lee, a spokeswoman with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development:

“The segment of Bluebonnet between La. 42 (Burbank) and La. 30 was built by East Baton Rouge Parish, and then transferred to the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. Upon completion of the road construction, the parish requested and the state agreed to maintain the 30 mph speed zone in this area as part of the Act of Transfer and Exchange.”

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