QUESTION: Since the city-parish did away with the street light coordinator position, there are many lights that don’t work or are missing. The lights on Florida Boulevard in the Little John area don’t work at night, and the median on Florida between Foster Drive and Airline Highway is filled with cones, apparently indicating missing poles and exposed wiring. Who is taking care of this situation?

ANSWER: Ingolf Partenheimer, the city-parish’s chief traffic engineer, says they recently hired a street light coordinator. “He will be coordinating with Entergy and Demco on repairs. Citizens are also encouraged to call Entergy or 311 to report street light outages.”

You can report street light outages to Entergy by calling 1-800-368-3749 or file a repair request online at

Intersection, ramp or what?

QUESTION: After an intersection realignment a few years ago, in order to take a right turn onto Airline Highway from Sherwood Forest Boulevard one enters a one-way road that terminates at an odd angle at a traffic light before continuing on to Airline Highway. There appears to be significant confusion over whether the traffic light is considered to be controlling, for lack of better terms, an intersection or a ramp. Some drivers view it as the former and “turn right” on red, while others view it as the latter and wait until it changes to green before continuing on to Airline. Signage may be helpful here to explain what one is supposed to do.

ANSWER: Anastasia Semien, a state Department of Transportation and Development spokeswoman, says:

“The approach should be treated as any other signalized intersection approach; a right turn on red is legal unless it is signed otherwise. Since there is no signage at this intersection, right turns are allowed. DOTD will review the intersection to determine if changes are needed.”

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