A Walker couple is looking for answers as to why their pair of chocolate labs was shot, one fatally, after they got out last week. 

The dogs escaped on Friday (Jan. 6) while Karly and Brian Garrett were getting married. When the pair returned home, the dogs were missing. Brian Garrett said when he went to look for them, he discovered his 3-year-old dog named Charly had been shot in the head, according to a report from WBRZ

He found the dead dog in the neighbor's yard, who was not home at the time, according to the report.

Shortly afterward, Garrett realized his other dog, Teal, had been shot as well. Teal required surgery to remove bullet fragments, but has made it home. In images posted to Karly Garrett's Facebook page, the lab can be seen with her side shaved, but appearing in happy, healthy condition. 

"She's not just our dog," Karly Garrett said to WBRZ. "They're not just our dogs. They're not just our pets. They're our babies. For somebody to do that, it just breaks my heart, and I pray for that person whoever did that."

A pair of local businesses, Louisiana Generators and The Prop Stop, have each offered $500 rewards for information about the shootings. 

Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office Spokeswoman Lori Steele told WBRZ that interviews have been done, but the "facts as to what happened that day" remain unclear. 

For the full report from WBRZ, click here.