The Shenandoah neighborhood will be filled with American flags thanks to a project by the Shenandoah Estates Crime and Improvement District and Shenandoah Estates Homeowners Association.

The groups are promoting the American flag from Flag Day, June 14, to Independence Day, July 4, said association president Henry Grace.

Free American flags will be provided to residents of Shenandoah Estates. An American flag on a wooden stick will be placed in the front yard of every lot in Shenandoah Estates Subdivision. The subdivision has more than 2,000 homes.

Shenandoah Estates residents walked the streets and put flags in the servitude between the sidewalk and street by the walkway to each house, Grace said.

The Shenandoah Estates Homeowners Association wants to recognize homeowners who fly the American flag correctly by giving them a flag certificate.

Residents who know of an individual homeowner that correctly flies the American flag should contact the Shenandoah Estates Homeowners Association at

“The Shenandoah Estates invites other subdivisions to be patriotic and show the true American spirit,” Grace said in a news release.