Twenty-five East Feliciana High School freshmen are piloting the school’s participation in an advanced placement human geography course offered through Louisiana’s Supplemental Course Academy.

The course, which assistant principal Jeremye Brooks said is “almost like a college class,” has both an online instructor and on-site class facilitator, Adia Robinson. The course runs for 55 minutes per day for the entire semester.

So far, the students are enjoying the new structure of the course, school officials said.

“In a class like this, you get to do the work on your own terms, without any distractions,” freshman Steven Jefferson said. He said he hopes his participation in AP courses will serve as a springboard to study pharmacy at LSU.

Students have an opportunity to take the AP human geography exam at the end of the school year.

Students who receive a 3 or higher on that exam are able to receive college credit for the course.

As eighth-graders, 96 percent of the students in the course scored at proficient or above on Louisiana’s end-of-course examination in algebra, with the remaining student scoring at the “fair” level.

“They are incredibly self-motivated learners,” Brooks said. “They’re very competitive with each other. Nobody wants to be the one left behind.”

“This AP course is putting more knowledge on me and setting me higher in my college goals,” said freshman Britney Sanders, “Hopefully, the credit from the AP tests will help me graduate from college early to pursue my career.”

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