Campaign finance reports filed late Thursday hint that a new mayoral candidate could jump into the race and show that former State Sen. Sharon Weston Broome, D-Baton Rouge, has a commanding fundraising lead.

Announced mayoral candidates Broome and Republican Metro Councilman John Delgado filed campaign finance reports, along with State Sen. Mack “Bodi” White, R-Central. Between the first of the year and May 2, Broome reported raising $115,000, Delgado recorded $65,000 and White reported $26,500.

White still has not made his mayoral candidacy official, despite filing a campaign finance report this week that specifies the office sought is mayor-president for East Baton Rouge Parish. Asked whether he would confirm that he's running, White was coy.

“I think there will probably be some information in the coming week,” he said. “I'll just leave it at that.”

Broome has found financial support in fellow political leaders. State Sen. Regina Barrow, D-Baton Rouge, contributed $350; state Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, D-New Orleans, gave $1,000 through her campaign fund; and Sen. Fred Mills, R-Parks donated $250.

The campaign for U.S. Congressman Cedric Richmond, D- New Orleans, contributed $1,500 to Broome, and the campaign fund of former Gov. Kathleen Blanco chipped in $2,500.

Broome has spent most of her money on campaign management and outreach, consulting and supplies. She has $107,910 available right now.

In a news release, Broome said she was elated about the fundraising lead.

“We have so much momentum right now,” she said. “The early response makes it clear that we have the necessary resources to run a successful campaign.”

Delgado has also said he expects to be an aggressive fundraiser.

Some of his notable donors include the Breazeale, Sachse and Wilson law firm, which contributed $500; LA Health Injury Centers donated $2,500; the Louisiana Medical Clinic donated $2,500; Celtic Media Centre head of studio operations Patrick Mulhearn donated $250.

He has spent most of his money on consulting, campaign staffing and advertising. Delgado has $56,581 available right now.

“I'm very pleased with our progress so far, and am confident we can raise much more in my quest to lead our parish into the next four years,” he said in a news release.

White, despite making no public mayoral announcement, has raised money since February.

Among his contributors are a handful of political organizations. They include LAMPAC donating $1,000; Our Future 15 PAC donating $5,000; and SEAPAC donating $1,000. His campaign has also received $500 from SSA Consultants.

Thanks to previous contributions, White has nearly double what he's raised over the past few months available in his campaign account. He has $46,769 on hand.

Others who have said they are running for mayor, including former democratic councilman Byron Sharper and Republican councilman Rodney “Smokie” Bourgeois, have not filed reports.