“Sign, sign, everywhere a sign,” as the 1971 protest song phrased it. But where are those “long-haired freaky people” when you need them? At least the ones who know how to spell.

Ascension Parish officials could have used one to spell-check the newly installed directional signs inside the lobby of the parish’s nearly complete administrative complex in Gonzales.

The two signs, which detail what departments are located on each wing of the new 33,500-square-foot glass and concrete contemporary building, misspelled the word “government” in the signs’ titles as “Ascension Parish Govermental Complex.” Two signs with missing “n’s” were still up this week on each side of the $6.9 million building’s spacious lobby.

Chief Administrative Officer Ken Dawson said the signs will be taken down and replaced by Monday at no cost to parish. He said the spelling mistake was made by the sign vendor.

The signs were installed during a time when the high-ceiling lobby contained several lifts and other equipment and while several contractors were at work, Dawson said, and the misspellings simply weren’t noticed until they were pointed out.

The complex, where the parish is consolidating spread-out departments, is nearly finished and most employees have moved in. A ribbon cutting is planned later this month.

At least, Dawson said, the sign error was noticed and is being fixed.

“If that’s that last thing I have to worry about in government, man, it’ll be a cake walk because it was caught,” Dawson said.

Advocate staff reporter David J. Mitchell contributed to this article.