For the sixth consecutive year, The Advocate was named Louisiana’s best newspaper by the state press association.

Along with being named best newspaper, The Advocate won Best Website as well as first place in the Community Service category for the eight-day special report, “Giving Away Louisiana” which examined and explained how the state’s tax giveaway programs were draining the treasury. The series garnered Best Overall Web Project as well for its presentation, spurred by a special interface built and executed by by The Advocate's web development team. The series also included an online animation by Advocate cartoonist Walt Handelsman.

The Advocate also received this year’s Freedom of Information Award for earnestly defending its reporters’ right not to disclose sources in a story about a gang of drug dealers in New Orleans.

Competing with the state’s largest newspapers, The Advocate also earned Best Overall Sports Coverage and Best Lifestyle Coverage.

The Newspaper of the Year Award, based on the number of points earned in the Better Newspaper Editorial Competition and the Better Newspaper Advertising Competition for 2014, was presented at a luncheon Saturday during the joint Louisiana and Mississippi Press Association’s convention at The Loews Hotel.

Earlier, The Advocate garnered more awards from The Louisiana-Mississippi Associated Press Media Editors. The APME annual writing, photography and digital contest judges news stories, editorials, photos, graphics and headlines published last year in Louisiana and Mississippi AP member newspapers.

For the APME contest, The Advocate competed among the largest newspapers in the two states.

Louisiana Press Association Advocate editorial and advertising winners are:

  • BEST SINGLE EDITORIAL: 1st place, Lanny Keller, “Jindal Core a Red plot?”, 3rd place, Peter Kovacs, “Blow to the First Amendment”
  • BEST NEWS STORY: 2nd place, Daniel Bethencourt, “HIV arrests”
  • BEST SPORTS STORY: 2nd place, Luke Johnson, “Army Strong”, 3rd place, Les East, “An Inspiration to them all”
  • BEST BREAKING NEWS STORY: 2nd place, Ben Wallace and Ryan Broussard, “Triple Homicide”
  • BEST REGULAR COLUMN: 1st place, Danny Heitman, “At Random”
  • BEST SPORTS COLUMN: 1st place, Scott Rabalais, “Time Out”
  • BEST OVERALL SPORTS COVERAGE: 1st place, Joseph Schiefelbein and Perryn Keys
  • BEST LIFESTYLE COVERAGE: 1st place, Karen Martin and Beth Colvin
  • BEST NEWS COVERAGE: 3rd place, Advocate news staff
  • BEST INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING: 1st place, Sara Pagones and Gordon Russell, “DA Walter Reed”, 3rd place, Rebekah Allen, “Traveling Judge”
  • BEST STORY GENERATED BY PUBLIC NOTICE: 2nd place, Jim Mustian, “Tenet Agrees to Pay in Lawsuit”
  • BEST HEADLINE: 3rd place, Phil Womack, “Chill Bill” and “Businesses Seek Booty”
  • BEST FEATURE PHOTO: 2nd place, Bill Feig, “They’re Baaack!”
  • BEST SPORTS PHOTO: 3rd place, Bryan Tuck, “Let the Celebration Begin”
  • BEST PHOTO PACKAGE: 1st place, Travis Spradling, “Guard Members Return,” 2nd place, Matthew Hinton, “Jazz Trumpeter Lionel Ferbos’ Funeral”
  • BEST SPECIAL SECTION EDITORIAL: 1st place, Ian McNulty, Annette Sisco and Jay Martin, “Feed the Need”, 2nd place, Sports, “High School Preview Football 2014”
  • COMMUNITY SERVICE: 1st place, Advocate news staff, “Giving Away Louisiana”
  • GENERAL EXCELLENCE: 1st place, Advocate news staff
  • STAFF GENERATED BLACK AND WHITE: 1st place, Sam Randolph, “Louis Armstrong Jazz Camp”
  • STAFF GENERATED COLOR: 1st place, staff, “Naylor’s”, 2nd place, Sam Randolph, “Seed”, 3rd place, Sam Randolph, ‘Marti’s”
  • BEST AD CAMPAIGN: 1st place, Jeff Mendel, “Neuro Medical Center”, 2nd place, Brian Golden, “Downtown Baton Rouge”, 3rd place, Tim Elsea, “Manda”
  • IN PAPER PROMOTION: 1st place, Charlene Robert, “Research”, 3rd place, Pierre Washington, “October”
  • MULTIPLE ADVERTISER PAGE:1st place, Sam Randolph, “Shopping and Cuisine on Magazine”, 2nd place, Sam Randolph, “Yulman Stadium”, 3rd place, staff, “Rejoice at Easter”
  • BEST SELF PROMOTION OUTSIDE OF PRINT: 1st place, Sara Barnard, Sam Randolph and Lauren Ruello, “Yulman Stadium Grand Opening”, 2nd place, Sam Randolph, “New Orleans Advocate Iconography”, 3rd place, Lauren Ruello, “Wine Opener”
  • BEST SERVICES AD, NON-RETAIL: 1st place, Brian Golden, “Temperature Control”, 2nd place, staff, “Nola’s Roofing”, 3rd place, Shelli Martin, “Smith Law Firm”
  • BEST SUCCESS STORY OF AN AD: 2nd place, Shelli Martin, “Curtain Exchange”, 3rd place, staff, “Wild Birds”
  • BEST RETAILER AD: 2nd place, Sam Randolph, “Wellington & Co.”
  • BEST NON-TRADITIONAL USE OF SPACE AD: 1st place, Shelli Martin, “Naylor’s”, 3rd place, staff, “Downtown Baton Rouge”
  • BEST SPECIAL SECTION, ADVERTISING: 1st place, staff, “Tulane University Yulman Stadium”, 2nd place, staff, “Spring Dining Guide”
  • BEST OVERALL WEBSITE: 1st place, staff, “”
  • BEST WEB PROJECT: 1st place, staff, “Giving Away Louisiana”
  • BEST MULTIMEDIA ELEMENT: 1st place, Kevin McQuarn, “Being LGBT in Louisiana”, 2nd place, Matthew Hinton, “Malcolm Scott Discusses Life for the Homeless in New Orleans,” 3rd place, Kevin McQuarn, “Father Fights for Change”
  • BEST ONLINE ADVERTISING SINGLE AD, STATIC: 1st place, Sam Randolph, “Seed”, 2nd place, Sam Randolph, “Harrison Avenue Market”, 3rd place, Sam Randolph, “Tipitina’s Foundation.
  • BEST ONLINE ADVERTISING SINGLE AD, ANIMATED: 1st place, Philip Dequeant, “Jazzfest Gif”, 3rd place, Philip Dequeant, “Parettti ROS Screenshots”
  • BEST ONLINE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN: 1st place, Philip Dequeant, “Pier 1”, 2nd place, Philip Dequeant, Ringling Bros Homepage Takeover”, 3rd place, “Decorating Den”
  • BEST ONLINE HOUSE AD OR CAMPAIGN: 1st place, Philip Dequeant, St. Patrick’s Day Coverage Screenshots”, 2nd place, Philip Dequeant, “Halloween Screenshots”, 3rd place Philip Dequeant, “Thanksgiving Day Contest HP Takeover”

Louisiana-Mississippi Associated Press Media Editors Advocate winners are:

  • SPOT NEWS: 1st place, Gordon Russell, John Simerman, “Ex-mayor Guilty”
  • BUSINESS: 1st place, Advocate news staff, “Giving Away Louisiana”
  • PUBLIC/COMMUNITY SERVICE: 1st place, Advocate news staff, “Giving Away Louisiana”
  • SPOT SPORTS: 2nd place, Ross Dellenger, “Deflated”
  • SPORTS ENTERPRISE/FEATURE: 3rd place, Luke Johnson, “Army strong”
  • SPORTS COLUMNS: 1st place, Rod Walker, “Time Out by Rod Walker”
  • SPORTS COLUMNS: 3rd place, Ted Lewis, “Time Out by Ted Lewis”
  • PERSONAL COLUMNS: 2nd place: Stephanie Grace.
  • PERSONAL COLUMNS: 3rd place, James Gill
  • LAYOUT & DESIGN: 1st place, Jay Martin
  • LAYOUT & DESIGN: 2nd place, Carly Brockinton
  • LAYOUT & DESIGN: 3rd place, Charles Chauff
  • PHOTO GENERAL NEWS: 1st place, Bill Feig, “White Hearing”
  • PHOTO GENERAL NEWS: 2nd place: Travis Spradling, “Hallelujah!”
  • PHOTO FEATURES: 1st place, Eliot Kamenitz, “Lonely drummer”
  • PORTRAIT/PERSONALITY: 2nd place, Heather McClelland, “Boy under water”
  • PHOTO SPORTS ACTION: 1st place, Heather McClelland, “Rain running”
  • ONLINE PACKAGE: 2nd place, staff, “Giving Away Louisiana”