Photo provided by BREC -- Recycling bins have been placed next to trash cans in BREC's Burbank Park.

When is BREC going to have a recycling program?

Answer from Amanda E. Nichols, naturalist with BREC’s Conservation Department:

BREC currently recycles at large special events and internally at the Administrative Building on Florida Boulevard, the Baton Rouge Zoo, Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center and at many of our maintenance facilities. As of June 2014, BREC now offers public recycling at the Burbank Soccer Complex through the help of a Healthy Communities Grant provided by Keep Louisiana Beautiful, with 40 recycling bins and a recycling dumpster donated by Progressive Waste Solutions.

In 2014 BREC adopted an Environmental Sustainability Policy and one of the goals is to provide public recycling at BREC’s community parks and special events facilities. Costs for bins and dumpster fees must come from outside sources like grants or donations. Recycling bins can cost upwards of $500 apiece and it’s difficult to find funding to cover the cost of enough bins to ensure a successful program.

To show the public BREC’s commitment to sustainable effort, we will be holding our second annual Geaux Green with BREC in City-Brooks Community Park on Nov. 15. It will include up-cycling crafts and activities for kids and information about sustainable practices and products from local businesses and organizations.

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I read the Aug. 19, 2014, article with much anticipated interest about the “not enough evidence” to make the arrest of Shawnette B. Taylor, 47, of Prairieville, whose vehicle left the roadway and killed not one, but two beautful children, Sarai “Ladybug” Lanus, 9, and her brother, Daylon “Duce” Lanus, 6, right before their father’s eyes. This investigation took from June 24 until Aug. 18 to inform the public of nonevidence for an arrest. Why?

Ricky Babin, the district attorney for the 23rd Judicial District, which covers Ascension Parish, where the accident occurred, says:

“This case is currently under criminal investigation so I cannot comment on the facts. But generally, investigations take time for many reasons. A few reasons include forensic evidence processing, acquisition of various records, search for witnesses who did not give statements at the time of the incident and following up on leads that become known as the investigation progresses. Our office received the report (two weeks ago) so no charging decisions have been reached as of this time.”