We’re still adjusting to that mild feeling of jet lag that visits us in the week that daylight saving time goes into effect. Setting our clocks forward an hour last weekend has us feeling vaguely disoriented. We know that we’ll eventually adjust, although the darkness of morning under this new schedule makes us feel as if we’re farmers rising to milk the cows. The presence of a little extra daylight in the evenings is a nice bonus, though, and a harbinger of summer, when the days will lengthen and allow late suppers near the barbecue.

Daylight saving time was implemented many years ago to save energy and make us more efficient workers. We don’t necessarily feel more productive this week; there’s a dreaminess after a time change that can make the brain seem slightly unmoored.

What we’re feeling, we suppose, is the sense of change that touches any traveler. And we are moving, we know, from the grayness of winter to the promise of spring, with Easter not far down the road.