Four LSU football players reportedly involved in bar fight last week will meet with Baton Rouge police investigators Tuesday at an undisclosed time and place, police spokesman Sgt. Donald Stone said late Monday in a news release.

Police Chief Dewayne White ordered the meeting’s time and location be kept secret, Stone said.

“This is being done to ensure the integrity of the investigation is not hampered or disturbed by the inordinate amount of media attention given this incident,” Stone said.

Stone has said police asked the four players to come in for interviews after witnesses reported the men were involved in a fight outside of Shady’s bar, 623 E. Boyd Drive, at 1:30 a.m. Friday.

Baton Rouge attorney Nathan Fisher is representing the four football players — senior quarterback Jordan Jefferson, 20; freshman wide receiver Jarvis Landry, 18; sophomore offensive tackle Chris Davenport, 21; and sophomore linebacker Josh Johns, 21.

Stone emphasized the four players have only been implicated in the fight but have not been charged with a criminal offense.

Investigators concluded through their investigation that both simple battery and second-degree battery charges will be filed when the investigation is completed, Stone said.

“The Police Department is conducting an investigation into a fight where four persons were injured,” Stone said. “These four people stressed to (police) they wish to have those responsible for their injuries arrested. The Police Department conducts the investigation, and it is during this time that we decide what criminal offense those accused will be charged with, based on our investigation.”

The victims are being represented by attorney Michael P. Bienvenu.