QUESTION: Who is responsible for cleaning up the mess when a garbage truck carelessly dumps the garbage can in the street rather than in the back of the truck? I have cleaned up in front of my house, but many people are not at home when this occurs, and the trash gets strewn all up and down the street.

ANSWER: Carey Chauvin, assistant public works director of maintenance for the city-parish, says: “Per the contract, the waste carrier is responsible for picking up any spillover of fallen trash and debris while they are collecting the garbage.

“Residents are asked to call 311 to report such incidents so the carrier can be notified and address the issue.”

A job half done?

QUESTION: The streets in The Shadows at White Oak subdivision were reworked in 2014. The only problem is that only half of the streets in the subdivision were completed. Why have the rest of the streets not been done and what is the plan to have them completed?

ANSWER: Dan Rosenquist, road rehabilitation manager and special projects engineer for the city-parish Department of Public Works, tells us:

“Programming for the reconstruction of streets is often staged within subdivisions due to several reasons. Two of the most common reasons are the availability of funding and the age of the streets may vary as a result of different filings.

“The reconstruction of streets within The Shadows at White Oak subdivision was phased based on the three filings of which the subdivision was developed.

“An initial 2013 rehabilitation project reconstructed the streets built within the first filing, a 2014 project (referenced within your question) reconstructed the streets built within the second filing, and a third and final project, slated to begin soon, will reconstruct the streets built within the third filing.”

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