An attempt to create another elected position in the City of Baton Rouge failed this week.

Metro Councilwoman C. Denise Marcelle has for months been pushing to turn the city court judge administrator/clerk position into an elected position.

The position is mostly administrative in nature and the person who holds the job is selected by the five city court judges. It was for years held by Lon Norris, but he retired this month and his deputy Lynn Maloy was then selected for the job.

Marcelle said she thought the job should be turned into two positions, a judicial administrator, which would still be appointed, and the city court clerk, which would be elected.

She noted that the district court judges are elected positions. But opponents countered that only two city court clerks are elected across the state and the rest are appointed.

On Wednesday, the Metro Council was set to vote on the change, which would have only sent the proposal to parish voters who would ultimately decide whether the position would become an elected position.

Three of the five city court judges spoke before the Metro Council urging them to leave the current system in place.

“The Mayor appoints his chief administrative officer, the Metro Council appoints their own council administrator, the constable appoints a chief deputy,” said chief city court judge Suzan Ponder.

Councilman Trae Welch said he opposed it because the council would end up paying for the creation of a second administrative position to handle what one person is currently doing.

The proposal died for lack of a motion, but Marcelle said later that she’s not giving up.