QUESTION: While we were discussing Mike the Tiger’s cancer treatment, my 13 year old asked the most interesting question: Will Mike the Tiger lose his fur like people who go through chemotherapy lose their hair?

ANSWER: Ginger Guttner, director of public relations for the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine, tells us: “Mike’s hair might soften in color, but he shouldn’t lose it. He is not expected to experience more than mild and transient (temporary) side effects from the treatment. He returned to his yard the day after his treatment on June 1.”

The radiation treatment — for spindle cell sarcoma, a rare, terminal cancer found in Mike’s face — is expected to prolong his life by a year or two. Radiation-resistant cells in the tumor are expected to eventually resume growth.

The 11-year-old, 420-pound LSU mascot is being closely monitored by veterinarian David Baker and student caretakers.

One good turn deserves another

QUESTION: What would it take to have right turn lanes on the Central Thruway at South Choctaw and at the Central Thruway at Florida Boulevard? Both of these would help traffic flow.

ANSWER: Ingolf A. Partenheimer, the city-parish’s chief traffic engineer, says, “These locations would need to be studied to see if the turn lanes are warranted. Turn lane warrants are based on directional vehicular volumes and levels of service to see if the turn lanes would help.

“We can have these locations checked once school starts again.”

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