The attorney for four men injured in a fight outside a bar Aug. 19 that involved LSU football players said Wednesday that one of his clients was kicked hard enough during the brawl that it left several shoe-imprint bruises on his body.

Michael P. Bienvenu said a man who honked his truck’s horn to clear out a crowd in the bar’s parking lot suffered three fractured vertebrae and bruising on his face in addition to the shoe-shaped bruises on his shoulders and back.

“The blows were significant enough to actually put the tread of the shoe that was plainly visible in bruising on his body,” Bienvenu said.

Bienvenu, who did not identify the man, said his office may release a picture of those injuries at a later date.

Police have seized shoes and DNA samples from two LSU players — senior quarterback Jordan Jefferson and sophomore linebacker Josh Johns — arrested Friday for their alleged involvement in the fight, police and the players’ attorneys have said.

Jefferson and Johns were suspended indefinitely from the LSU football team after bonding out of Parish Prison on second-degree battery counts.

Lewis Unglesby, Jefferson’s attorney, said Wednesday that he sent a formal request to LSU’s athletic department Tuesday to have Jefferson reinstated to the team.

LSU spokesman Herb Vincent declined comment Wednesday about Unglesby’s request.

Four LSU players — Jefferson, Johns, freshman wide receiver Jarvis Landry and sophomore offensive lineman Chris Davenport — went to Louisiana State Police headquarters for questioning Aug. 23. They initially hired attorney Nathan Fisher to represent them.

Fisher said Wednesday he does not know if Davenport or Landry will be questioned again by police or if police will issue warrants for their arrests.

The police, he said, aren’t revealing much.

In the police’s incident report about the fight, Andrew Lowery, 21, told officers that Jefferson and Johns were among a group of people who attacked him.

The fight started when the man in a truck blew the horn to try to clear a crowd in the bar’s parking lot, police have said.

The situation escalated to a fight and four men, none of whom are members of the LSU football team, were treated at a hospital for minor injuries, police have said.

Lowery said in the police report that he was attacked while trying to help the man in the truck.

Both Unglesby and Tommy Damico, Johns’ attorney, have said their clients are innocent.

Police declined comment about the case Wednesday and have not spoken about it since Jefferson and Johns were arrested.

Lowery, the only one of the injured four who has been identified, suffered a fractured maxilla — a bone in the upper jaw — and was kicked unconscious, Bienvenu said.

Lowery’s injuries also include fractured teeth and “bumps and bruises all over his body,” Bienvenu said.

The injuries of the other two men sent to the hospital after the fight were minor, Bienvenu said. He did not identify those two men.

Unglesby said Monday he thinks the second-degree battery count against Jefferson is erroneous because the injuries are not severe enough to constitute second-degree battery.

State law says second-degree battery occurs when an offender inflicts “serious bodily injury” on someone, which includes “unconsciousness, extreme physical pain or protracted and obvious disfigurement.”

“That’s a legal argument that Lewis (Unglesby) is going to have to make,” Bienvenu said. “I’ve read the statute. It (the injuries) pretty much seems to fit the statute.”

Bienvenu also said he thinks more arrests could be made in the case because witnesses told police as many as 15 people were involved in the fight but only two arrests have been made.

“Mathematically, you would assume that (police) are still investigating,” Bienvenu said.

Unglesby sent The Advocate a video from security cameras inside the bar the night of the fight.

In the video, a man approaches a woman and appears to try to kiss her, which the woman refuses by pushing the man away.

Unglesby said the man in the video is Lowery and the woman is Elizabeth Siadous, Lowery’s ex-girlfriend.

Siadous, filed a restraining order against Lowery on Aug. 24 that says Lowery yelled at her and hit a friend of hers in Shady’s that night.

No fights appear in the video Unglesby provided.

In the same video, a figure that resembles Jefferson can be seen hugging a woman and leaving the bar.

That same person never comes into contact with Lowery inside the bar.

Unglesby said he thinks the video proves Jefferson was never involved in any fights that night.

“You have to make your own choices (about the video),” Unglesby said. “I can’t interpret it for you.”

Bienvenu said Wednesday that the video is irrelevant to the case.

“While it may be interesting to the court of public opinion, it is irrelevant to what happened outside the bar,” Bienvenu said.

Unglesby also has written statements from five witnesses of the fight that have spoken to his office.

Two of those witnesses’ names are redacted because they wanted to remain anonymous, Unglesby said.

Two of the statements come from Shady’s employees at the bar the night of the fight — Jordan Neldare and Sean Berrigan.

Both of their statements say Lowery threw the first punch in the fight.

Four of the statements say Jefferson did not hit anyone the night of the fight.

“Mr. Jefferson has been to Shady’s Bar on multiple occasions, and I have never seen him do anything that is unbecoming of a starting LSU quarterback,” Neldare said in his statement.

Neldare said in his statement to Unglesby that he saw a white man approach Lowery outside the bar “in an unaggressive manner” as the fight began to escalate.

Lowery then punched that man, Neldare said.

The fifth statement comes from Chris Conroy, a friend of Elizabeth Siadous, Andrew Lowery’s ex-girlfriend. He does not work at Shady’s.

Conroy said in an interview Wednesday that he was the person Siadous said in the restraining order she filed that was hit by Lowery that night.

Conroy, 20, said Lowery punched him in the face after Conroy began dancing with Siadous in the bar.

Conroy said he tried to get a bouncer to escort Lowery out of the bar, but the bouncer refused to do so because he did not see the incident happen.

Conroy said he left Shady’s before the fight outside the bar happened.

Conroy also said he has little personal history with Lowery.

Police have said it is still possible that the four men injured in the fight could have criminal charges filed against them.

The No. 4-ranked Tigers are set to play No. 3 Oregon on Saturday at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Kimberly Vetter contributed to this report.