As much of the city slept in on Saturday, no doubt sated from their holiday feasts and joyous family gatherings, other adventurous souls braved their way out for some post-Christmas shopping and sales.

Christmas may be 364 days away, but for many shoppers, it proves the perfect time to prepare for next year as ornaments and decorations are available at huge markdowns at stores around town.

At the Kohl’s department store on North Mall Drive in Baton Rouge, Robbie Luminais pushed around her full basket, filled to the brim with the Christmas items she found on sale.

“We’re Christmas fanatics,” she said of herself and her daughter, Katie LeLeux.

Luminais found the 70 percent discount on Christmas decorations at Kohl’s too hard to pass up and stocked up on ornaments, a decorative Santa doll for her hearth and some Christmas-themed rugs.

At 8 a.m., Luminais said Kohl’s was only the first stop on a search for Christmas deals that would last most of the day.

Kohl’s Assistant Manager Paula Furr said the day after Christmas can get a bit crazy.

Many customers come through with returns or to spend their gift cards they received for the holidays, she said.

But the rush was something the employees were prepared for. Because Kohl’s was open 24 hours a day leading up to Christmas, the store was well stocked and ready to take on the weekend bargain hunters.

For another mother-daughter shopping team, it wasn’t so much about the deals as it was tradition.

Kristy Garcia and her mother, Becky Bankston, were out at the store to return a gift for Garcia’s father. But they also were participating in their yearly shopping ritual for Garcia’s birthday.

Garcia said because her birthday falls the day after Christmas, she and her mother typically go shopping for everything she didn’t get for Christmas on her birthday. The duo was looking forward to finding some great deals during what they anticipated to be a long day of shopping.

Down the road at the Mall of Louisiana, Lakeisha Grayer said she arrived at Macy’s for its opening at 7 a.m. with her friend, Tremaine Myers. As they stood in the food court, hands already full of shopping bags by 8:30 a.m., Grayer said she bought all of her items on sale, many 75 percent off.

A self-described “shopaholic,” Grayer said her family knows not to expect Christmas gifts until the weekend after because she always pursues the sales in the days after the holiday.

Among her purchases were a few toys and a Michael Kors jacket originally priced at $300 that Grayer managed to pick up for just $100.

Macy’s was only Grayer’s first stop of the day. She said she also would go to Target, Wal-Mart and Best Buy to look for nice gifts she could find on sale.

It doesn’t stop with the Christmas sales, she said.

“I’ll be in line at Dillard’s on New Year’s Day,” she said.