Biggz Professional Tree Care and the YMCA presented awards to six children who completed their first year of the Biggz Kidz Urban Forestry Program at the YMCA.

The celebration was June 20 at the A.C. Lewis YMCA under a live oak tree planted by Alex Lewis and his son nearly 26 years ago.

Louis Baustian, Rhylan Frank, Jillian Litchfield, Daniel Watson, Cormac Whittington and Jamar Gardner received an engraved tree trunk award, “Y Bucks” and Biggz Kidz bags filled with goodies.

The children spent a year learning how trees benefit the environment and the community at various YMCA branches across East Baton Rouge Parish.

The Biggz Kidz Urban Forestry Program offers experiential and outdoor learning activities, including science and nature exploration, games and stories.