Two lanes of Skip Bertman Drive on the LSU campus will be closed for about a week while city-parish workers and contractors fix problems under the road caused by the area’s high water table.

The street runs between River Road and Nicholson Drive, near the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine and Tiger Park. Both of its westbound lanes closed on Thursday, and traffic is being diverted to eastbound lanes.

The repairs should take between five to seven days, depending on the weather, said Joseph Young, deputy program manager of the Baton Rouge Sanitary Sewer Overflow program.

The repairs to Skip Bertman Drive were planned in advance, but the Mississippi River only recently fell below flood stage, giving workers the green light to dig, Young said.

He said the high water table under the ground has led to shifting soil and other common problems in south Louisiana where the water table is high.

“It happens. It’s not like it was something that was an emergency, but it needed to get done,” Young said.

Workers are cutting through the existing concrete, laying down limestone to build the base and then repouring concrete over the road.

“It is a repair; it’s not like a major collapse,” Young said.