Good Fellows-Good Samaritans is collecting money to provide clothing and Christmas toys to needy families and their children. Donations are tax deductible and may be sent to Good Fellows-Good Samaritans Christmas Fund, P.O. Box 3766, Baton Rouge, LA 70821. The organization needs to raise $50,000 to meet Christmas needs every year.


Terry Cormier, $200; In memory of Grandchildren Brian & Lisa by Martha McCrory, $100; The Great Grandchildren of Philip and Frances Rills, $200; Charles Milan, $100; In memory of Dr. Vance G. Byars by Nell Byars, $50; Mr & Mrs. Peter Dragna, $25; Lewis Simpson, $100; Michael and Kelley Olinde, $100; Effie Hardy, $50; Roosevelt & Robertine Foster, $25; Tara Home & Garden Club, $120; Jill Dawson, $250; Mrs. D. M. Hanks, Jr., $100; In memory of Raymond U. and Mollie Prince by Raymond Prince, $50; Anonymous, $25; and Mr. & Mrs. Charles Montgomery, $200.

In memory of Daddy, Bea & Cyril Ann by Janet and Billy Heroman, $150; John and Julie Newman, $25; New Gideon Baptist Church Deaconess Ministry, $150; David Brown, $150; Anonymous, $300; Mr. & Mrs. Ralph W. Pike, $200; Deborah Hugh-Jones, $100; Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Bogan, $100; Constance and Dennis Carlton, $100; Joseph A. Donchess, $200; Bradley-Blewster & Associates, $200; Mrs. Albert Bankston, $100; Diana Daigle, $25; Gerri and Ken Hughes, $100; Anonymous, $50; Anonymous, $100; and In memory of Wallace & Eileen Armstrong by George Armstrong, $50.

Sunrise Rotary Club of Baton Rouge, $2,500; Stanley and Amy Sellers, $100; Joseph A. Donchess, $100; Court Regina Coeli No. 2063 Catholic Daughters of the Americas, $25; Most Blessed Sacrament Men’s Club, $500; In memory of Himp & Winefred Robertson by the Post family, $100; Celeste Spann, $50; In memory of Joan Cooper Holden by her family, $100; and Juanita Glover, $100.

Jody and Holly Duhon, $50; Mary Jo Mayfield, $100; Adrian and Betsy Castro, $50; Anonymous, $50; In memory of Mary Claire Bonnet Bahlinger by Peter Bahlinger, $150; Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Sedlin, $50; Frederic and Cary Kearny, $100; Anonymous, $100; Patrick McBride, $50; Vernon and Donna Thorning, $25; Anonymous, $50; Anonymous, $300; Mu Zeta Chapter Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, $125; and Cynthia and Rick Musso, $25.

Dotty Scobee, $500; In memory of Mattie Crag by Laura Oubre, $25; Marjorie Thompson, $50; Stephanie Kay and Andrea Kay, $20; Patti Gerald, $50; Anonymous, $50; Barbara Golden, $100; Debra and Maurice Bendily, $200; Hugh D. Braymer, $500; Lynn and Louis Leggio, $100; Victoria Gewin, $40; Vincent and Rhenda N. Giaccone, $50; Anthony T. Giaccone, $5; Daryl Ellis, $100; In memory of Nicole Grabski by Frank and Linda Grabski, $50; John Reschar, $100; Dr. Charles and Toni Nolan, $100; Dennis and Linda Mitchell, $250; In memory of Alfred Douglas Reichle, Marcus Aurelius McCormick, Alan Francis Miller, Jeremy Paul Patel, Lena Rodosta Cardinal and Marc Anthony Biondo, $600; Anonymous, $50; In memory of my mother by Amy Kurtz, $50; William Carter, $50; Special intention LCT by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tate, $25; and In memory of Sam Lipsey, $200.

Gerald and Helen Creed, $25; Anonymous, $40; Sharon DeLoach, $150; Carol Bird, $50; Samuel Herpin, $50; Anonymous, $50; In memory of L.E. Spillman and W.W. Thom families by Elvin and Katherine Spillman, $50; Betty Simmons, $300; In memory of A.N. Kennedy by Gloria Kennedy, $25; Marty and Dorothy Miller, $100; In memory of Nick Denicola by Sherri Denicola, $100; Butch and Margo Spielman, $25; Trey and Korey Patty, $100; Camilla Pugh, $210; In honor of Daniel Webre and T. Brett and Aubrey Grace Gilbert, $50; and Richard and Barbara Wilson, $25.

Edward and Pamela Behan, $20; Anonymous, $230; Anonymous, $225; Constance Butler Chapter No. 9 4th degree KPC, $25; Cecil Phillips, $30; Elizabeth Bruser, $100; Anonymous, $25; Zandrala T. Walker, $5; Stephanie Levert, $100; and Greater Mount Gideon Baptist Church Christmas Program, $385.

Juanita Glover, $100; In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Niles P. Evans by Lenore Banks, $100; Dr. Keith R. Gibson, $500; Brenda Fryoux, $50; Mr. and Mrs. Bland O’Connor Jr., $100; In memory of Chris, Weimer, Penny Weimer, Shirley Thoring and Jeff Thoring by Freddy and Liz Weimer, $50; In memory of Leon and Lorelle Hebert by Noel and Jimmy Prescott, $50; In memory of James and Edwina Prescott by Noel and Jimmy Prescott, $50; and In memory of Betty Jo Baker by Tommy Baker, $100.

Cynthia Wilkinson, $25; Samuel H. Harris, $25; Anonymous, $50; Claudia Brian, $100; Jim and Julie Stalls, $100; Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Edrington Jr. $25, Richard Daviet, $50; Golden family, $100; Doris Craig, $50; Charlie and Jeannine Schutte, $100; Dr. William Hines, $100; Mary B. Jackson, $100; and Chuck and Susan Longacre, $500.

In memory of Beulah T. Jones, David S. Jones Sr., David S. Jones Jr., and Preston Ross by Frank B. Ross, $50; Cooper and Katie Hurst, $100; Mary Louise Shetterly, $46.26; Normand and Cindy Sharer, $250; Susan Brys, $50; Stephen M. Huggins, LLC $225; Anna and Joe Perrault, $50; In honor of Nell Byars by Kate Byars Photography, LLC, $30; Todd and Julie Denton, $50; and Ralph and Kathleen Stephens, $500.

TOTAL TO DATE: $27,241.26