David Barrow

The former Central city administrator who turned himself in after an arrest warrant was issued for him on counts of forgery and maintaining false public records claimed Thursday he is innocent. 

"Mr. Barrow was shocked to learn of the allegations made against him," David Barrow's attorney, Lauren Ventrella, wrote in a statement. "He conscientiously served the people of Central with honor during his entire tenure as Chief Administrative Officer. Although he did not have the opportunity to speak with investigators prior to being arrested, we are confident his innocence will be thoroughly demonstrated throughout this process."

Barrow is out on bail. 

Barrow, 49, is accused of forging the name of Central Mayor Jr. Shelton on a one-year contract between the City of Central and a local developer for a maintenance agreement the contract indicates began on March 24, 2015, according to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office warrant. 

Shelton said the signature on the contract is not his. 

The contract was allegedly signed before Barrow was terminated from his position by Shelton in August 2015. Shelton said the contract was discovered while cleaning out Barrow's office.