According to an old proverb, the best way to know your place in the world is to plant a tree whose shade you won’t live to enjoy. The idea is that in thinking long-term, rather than in the moment, we learn how to leave a better community for future generations.

All of this comes to mind with the news of Baton Rouge Green’s 25th anniversary. For a quarter of a century, the local nonprofit has been planting trees in the city’s public spaces — some 30,000 in all. Baton Rouge has probably lost many more trees than that during the same period. Commercial and residential development, along with the natural decline and death of old trees, some of them casualties of hurricanes and storms, have diminished this community’s tree canopy over the past few generations.

But Baton Rouge would be far less green if not for Baton Rouge Green’s tireless efforts to plant new trees for upcoming generations of residents.

Those extra trees have helped filter the air, prevented erosion and produced much-needed shade. The trees planted by this little nonprofit have also helped keep Baton Rouge cooler.

The trees planted by Baton Rouge Green have also added a lot of beauty to the local landscape.

A luncheon celebrating Baton Rouge Green’s landmark anniversary will be held at LSU’s Lod Cook Alumni Center at 11:30 a.m. Friday. For more information about how to attend the luncheon, visit the group’s website,

We congratulate Baton Rouge Green on its anniversary, and we wish it many years of continued service.