The Metro Council punted on whether to approve a rezoning request to allow a luxury apartment complex on Jefferson Highway near the Bocage neighborhood, deferring the vote until next month to give the developer time to try to appease neighbors who oppose the development.

The council also voted Wednesday to approve a seven-story apartment building targeting LSU students that will be built on East Boyd Drive, close to the southern entrance on campus.

The luxury apartment complex proposed near the Bocage neighborhood, called Tapestry Park Luxury Apartments, is opposed by the Jefferson Place/Bocage neighborhood association because of concerns about traffic congestion in the already highly-traversed area. The complex would include 124 apartments.

But the developer has pointed out that they have the right to build 105 units — a mix of apartments, townhomes and single family homes — without governmental permission. That renders the issue of traffic congestion moot, he said, because the area is going to be developed either way.

George Kurz, a Kurz and Hebert commercial Realtor for the developer, said the traffic problems on Jefferson Highway are a local and state issue.

He said developers will try to continue to work with concerned residents for the next month, but he cautioned that their option was likely better than the alternatives.

“The property can and will be developed at some point,” he said.

A few neighbors attended the council meeting to speak in favor of the apartment complex, noting that the developers made eight concessions, including more-natural buffers, to accommodate surrounding homeowners.

The Metro Council will take up the rezoning issue on April 22.

The council, meanwhile, gave the green light to a high-rise to provide housing for LSU students. Park 7 developers will build a seven-story building and parking garage on East Boyd Drive, between Dodson Avenue and Swire Avenue.

It will have 280 units, ranging from studio apartments to five-bedroom apartments. Construction is slated to begin in August.

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Editor’s note: This article was changed on Thursday, March 19, to correct the name spelli ng of George Kurz.