QUESTION: I live in the Park Forest Subdivision, which is located within Baton Rouge city limits. The question I have is: Can I keep a miniature horse in my backyard? My wife wants to buy one for our granddaughter.

ANSWER: City-parish Animal Control Director Hilton Cole: “Yes, but you must first meet the requirements of the ordinance, Title 14. Go to, follow the information to our website and look for the ordinance, Title 14.Sec.221.

“Regardless though, if the horse becomes a nuisance, per ordinance, it could end up in court.”

Driver errors?

QUESTION: I am writing to see if signage at the intersections of Interstate 10 East at Siegen Lane and of Siegen at North Mall Drive can be changed. There is a sign at each intersection that says “Right on Red OK.” There are wrecks there almost daily because many people taking a right onto Siegen from either one of these intersections do not watch for oncoming traffic or stop at the red light, they just keep going, which makes getting though these intersections treacherous at times.

ANSWER: Anastasia Semien, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Transportation and Development, tells us: “During the past year, four crashes took place near Siegen Lane at North Mall Drive, and they were all rear-end crashes. The majority of the crashes that happened near the I-10 East off ramp merge with Siegen Lane during the same time period were either rear-end or sideswipe crashes.

“After analyzing the crash reports, the accidents do not appear to have been caused by confusion about the dual right turns. Based on this data, DOTD believes driver error is a large contributor to these accidents and would like to remind drivers to wear their seat belts, pay attention to all signage and to be aware of their surroundings.”

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