A list of 10 proposed projects to be funded by $134 million to help restore the environment as a result of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil disaster has been released by federal and state trustees as well as BP.

The proposed list doesn’t specifically include Louisiana projects, but two are located in the Gulf of Mexico, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports.

Shortly after Deepwater Horizon exploded, killing 11 workers and leading to a massive oil spill, BP announced setting aside $1 billion for early restoration work as a type of down payment on what the company will owe after a Natural Resource Damage Assessment is completed. That NRDA process takes years to complete, so the intent of the early restoration money is to get projects moving more quickly in critical areas.

Louisiana coastal officials said in November that the state had likely received the last of the early restoration money.

In total, Louisiana received about $371 million in early restoration money to pay for coastal work including barrier island restoration, oyster habitat improvements, research centers and marsh creation. In total, $698 million has been allocated via the early restoration program.

The $134 million list of projects will be included in the fourth list to be released for public comment. Information about the draft plan and public comment period will be posted on the NRDA website at www.gulfspillrestoration.noaa.gov.

The 10 proposed projects are:

Osprey Restoration in Coastal Alabama – Baldwin and Mobile counties, Alabama ($45,000).

Point aux Pins Living Shoreline – Mobile County, Alabama ($2.3 million).

Shell Belt and Coden Belt Roads Living Shoreline – Mobile County, Alabama ($8.05 million).

Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge Trail Enhancement – Alabama ($545,110).

Seagrass Recovery at Gulf Islands National Seashore – Florida District ($136,700).

Bike and Pedestrian Use Enhancements at Davis Bayou, Gulf Islands National Seashore – Mississippi District ($6.97 million).

Living Shorelines and Reefs in Mississippi Estuaries – coastal Mississippi ($30 million).

Texas Bird Rookery Islands– Galveston Bay and East Matagorda Bay, Texas ($20.6 million).

Sea Turtle Early Restoration – Gulf of Mexico ($45 million).

Pelagic Longline Bycatch Reduction – Gulf of Mexico ($20 million).

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