Blog recalls the Qs, Ls and Fs of LSU uniform history _lowres

Screen grab from Uni-Watch blog -- Monday's Uni-Watch blog talks about the days when letters along with numbers were used to distingush football players at LSU and features photos such as this one from an old school yearbook.

Remember when LSU used letters along with numbers to identify players on its football jerseys?

Today’s entry on the The Uni-Watch, a blog that describes itself as obsessively focused of athletics aesthetics, explores LSU uniform history, specifically a period when the football team used a system combining letters and numbers to identify football players by position.

Imagine offensive linemen marked with E, G and T for end, guard or tackle, quarterbacks marked with a Q and running backs marked with either a L or and R, depending on which side they would lined up.

See the full blog entry and the numerous comments it is getting here.

But be warned, the opening paragraphs mention a certain Crimson Tide legend — though from his days at Kentucky.