A Zachary woman pleaded guilty Tuesday to stealing about $80,000 in Social Security benefits during a 14-year period by concealing the fact that she had remarried after she began receiving survivor’s benefits.

Ruby C. Dunn, 63, started getting survivor benefits in 1993, but remarried in 1999, according to Dunn’s Tuesday plea.

Because Dunn was no longer eligible to continue receiving the survivor benefits, she on numerous occasions misrepresented her marital status to the Social Security Administration, according to a release from U.S. Attorney Walt Green.

“On one occasion, for instance, when asked about her husband, Dunn falsely represented that he was only a ‘cousin’ who happened to live at the same address,” the release says. “On another occasion, Dunn admitted that she had obtained a marriage license but claimed that she and her husband had not gone through with the marriage.”

Dunn admitted in court Tuesday that she wrongfully received the benefits for 14 years, the release says.

The investigation was conducted by the Social Security Administration’s Office of Inspector General.

“This kind of criminal conduct is an affront to all those who dutifully pay into the Social Security system and only receive benefits when it is legal and appropriate for them to receive such benefits,” Green said in the release.

“We appreciate the SSA-OIG’s efforts to identify this type of fraudulent conduct and bring it to this Office’s attention so that we may take action.”

Dunn, who pleaded guilty to theft of government property, will be sentenced by U.S. District Judge Shelly Dick.