Southside community photo gallery for March 31, 2016 _lowres

Photo provided by Lisa Black Cossé -- Ellen Abadie’s 6B class at Sacred Heart of Jesus School includes, front from left, Cindy Tran, Dani Horner, Berend Grandt, Madeleine Brown, Claire Perrault and Brooklyn Hoffman; middle, Rayne Cooper, William Anderson, Langston Scott, Chip McClinton, Jacob Johnson, Hannah Jones, Anna Musso and Asia Green; and back, Hillary Leonard, CeCe Werth, Ethan Cave, Raelyn Edwards, Kadelyn Holliday, Sophia Guillory and Kelby Chenevert.

The Advocate’s Spotlight Classroom this week is Ellen Abadie’s 6B class at Sacred Heart of Jesus School. The students were asked:

  • What is your favorite book and why?
  • WILLIAM ANDERSON: “‘The Lost Boy’ is my favorite book because it is the king of all books. It has suspense, twists and turns, and spine-chilling moments.
  • MADELEINE BROWN: “The Percy Jackson series rang supreme as my eyes slid across the pages. Why? There is a lot of action and adventure. It also helped me on a social studies test. And let me just say I almost cried when I finished.”
  • ETHAN CAVE: “‘Heroes of Olympus’ beats all the other series because it is adventurous.”
  • KELBY CHENEVERT: “‘Sisters’ is the most favorite book of mine because it’s very funny and it’s kind of like my life.”
  • RAYNE COOPER: “‘Unstoppable’ is the top book for me because it is inspiring and it keeps you wondering.”
  • RAELYN EDWARDS: “‘The Lunar Chronicles’ series is my favorite book because it has sci-fi and fantasy with fairy-tale characters. The series has a very futuristic setting, like World War IV.”
  • BEREND GRANDT: “‘The Hunger Games’ is filled with such intense violence, plot and it is also very descriptive. That’s why I love the series.”
  • ASIA GREEN: “‘It’s Raining Cupcakes’ is the summit of the book tower. Not only does the book have a happy ending, it keeps you thinking about what may happen next.”
  • SOPHIA GUILLORY: “‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’ made me feel emotions I had never felt before, so naturally it is my favorite. It has heart-pounding adventures, lov able characters, and it makes you feel like you are truly a wizard.”
  • BROOKLYN HOFFMAN: “‘The Book Thief’ remains one of my favorite books because it shows you the beauty of life and the cruelty of death. It is a beautiful take on World War II through the eyes of Death. I have learned so much through this wonderful, heart-wrenching book.”
  • KADELYN HOLLIDAY: “‘The Amulet’ series is my current favorite book at this time. It is a book with spine-chilling moments and many twists and turns.”
  • DANI HORNER: “‘Percy Jackson’ is my favorite current book series because it never has a dull moment. It has a lot of action”
  • JACOB JOHNSON: “‘The Last Olympian’ series is the reigning champion to me because it is mythology. It’s a page turner, with an action-packed monster on every page, and it is a romantic book.”
  • HANNAH JONES: “‘The Hate List’ by Jennifer Brown is my favorite book because it has a lot of action in it. You really didn’t know what was happening next. The book was definitely a page-turner.”
  • HILLARY LEONARD: “The book that appeals to me the most is a series; it is so hard to pick any one. The name of the series is ‘Harry Potter.’ It has a lot of action, mystery and sad moments, but I love Harry Potter.”
  • CHIP MCCLINTON: “‘Mathlete vs. Athlete’ is my favorite book series right now because it is about my favorite sport.”
  • ANNA MUSSO: “The book of my choice would have to be ‘The Titan’s Curse’ by Rick Riordan. I love this book so much because it is full of adventures, mythology, history and, I regret to inform you, great sadness.”
  • CLAIRE PERRAULT: “‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ is the bomb because it has twists and turns; it keeps you on the edge of your seat.”
  • LANGSTON SCOTT: “‘Dogs of War’ is my favorite because it’s adventurous and they change the dog in every chapter. I like that it takes place in the Army.”
  • CINDY TRAN: “‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ is my current favorite book. Even though the book is a little sad, it gets interesting because the characters are well developed and you can probably guess what would happen at the end.”
  • CECE WERTH: “‘Warriors’ is the best series, in my mind. It is an action-packed series that you can’t stop reading. It is full of suspense, but also great happiness. I got so involved in the series that it broke my heart when I finished.”