As LSU officials continue their search for a new system president, we suggest that they consider what’s happening at the University of Wyoming.

Recently, after a months-long fight to keep private the names of candidates for the University of Wyoming presidency, the university’s board of trustees decided it will release the names of its presidential search finalists.

A couple of Wyoming newspapers and The Associated Press had sued the University of Wyoming to make the names of candidates for the top university posts public. Meanwhile, a state law was passed in Wyoming aimed at keeping the names of such candidates for top university posts secret.

Ultimately, though, the University of Wyoming’s board of trustees opted to release the names of presidential search finalists. The University of Wyoming should have released the names of all applicants for the presidential post. That’s the only way for the public to know that the best candidate was selected for the job.

We hope LSU officials, who have refused to release the names of any candidates they are considering to serve as LSU’s next president, do the University of Wyoming one better and release the names of all candidates being considered for LSU’s top job.

We don’t think such openness would be an obstacle in attracting a good president for LSU. In fact, open searches can help build public confidence that the best person was selected for the job.

We’re glad that University of Wyoming officials are moving, somewhat awkwardly, in the direction of transparency. Now is the time for LSU to do the same.