Running for Office: Randy Perkins, Zachary mayor _lowres

Randy Perkins


Randy Perkins, 56, no party, said he is running for the Zachary mayor’s seat to give voters in the growing community a choice in the Nov. 4 election.

“Over the past two decades, Zachary has experienced tremendous growth as many families have chosen to make Zachary their home,” Perkins said in a campaign announcement. “My family and I became a part of that growth when we moved here in 2006. Together, with lifelong residents, we make the City of Zachary the diverse and thriving community it is.

“Our diversity includes professionals, blue collar workers, veterans, business owners and retirees of all heritages,” he said. “It also includes clerical, health care, hospitality, restaurant workers, as well as retail associates, school system employees and stay at home moms who all contribute daily to Zachary’s success.”

He said local officials should be a reflection of the community they serve.

Perkins said Zachary’s growth brings with it challenges such as road construction and infrastructure, economic development, planning for the future and providing public safety.

“I entered this race for mayor to give the citizens of Zachary a choice between business as usual or new leadership that remembers our local elected officials are public servants in the business of providing services to improve the community,” Perkins said. “I believe I offer a better plan to meet the challenges we face and under my leadership we will provide better decisions, government and services to meet the needs of the community.

“That’s why my campaign for the office of mayor is a campaign to unite the citizens of Zachary, not divide us, for we are a stronger community when we work together as one,” he said.

Perkins, who described himself as a fiscal conservative, said his campaign is to “tear down walls real or imagined that separates citizens ... and a campaign that acknowledges a diverse community that is more alike than different on the values of faith, family and community.”

“My campaign acknowledges the hopes of young people, the future of the city and welcomes the wisdom of the mature of age for their experience and guidance. It is a campaign that gives a voice to the voiceless and welcomes those who feel disenfranchised at the opportunity to be heard. It is a campaign that says there is no old Zachary, or new Zachary, but one Zachary,” Perkins said.

He pledged to work with the business community to make the necessary investments needed to create opportunities to grow the local economy.

As a husband of over 30 years and a father of three college graduates, Perkins said he knows the challenges of raising a family.

He attended LSU and graduated from ITI Technical College and has business management and budgeting experience.

He is an ordained minister.

Perkins faces incumbent David Amrhein, no party, in the race for mayor.