What’s going on with the BREC Jefferson Highway Neighborhood Park facility? BREC closed the facility at least two years ago for renovations. It was once the Drusilla Club and sported two pools. BREC spent quite a tidy sum to fix cracks in the larger pool and failed. The renovations are apparently going very slowly. When are they going to be completed?

ANSWER: Cheryl Michelet, director of communications for BREC, tells us: “The short answer is that the outside of the park is being used and is mostly complete. The recreation center is what is being worked on now, and we’ll have a grand opening for the entire project in late summer or early fall, depending on construction.”

According to a letter BREC Superintendent Carolyn McKnight sent to residents in area, construction of site improvements started in 2014, after the old swimming pool and portions of the old club house were removed.

The new construction — which included a playground, outdoor event space and plaza, architectural lighting and landscaping, and site furnishings — was completed in August of 2015, McKnight wrote. The improvements to the 8,100-square-foot recreation center began in December 2015 and will include 600 square feet of additional space, renovations, and a large event space that can be used for weddings, receptions, conferences and community gatherings, she wrote.

“We also plan to invest in improvements to the parking lot, the open green space at the north end and improved pedestrian connections from Kensington Drive.”

Repairs for sewer repairs

QUESTION: “Where I live (on Nelson Drive), the streets were in wonderful shape before the sewer contractor cut across streets to install new cross sewer lines. The cuts were patched with asphalt on fill that was not compacted. Now, all over the city when driving on these streets, the fill has sunk down 2 to 3 inches. Will the contractor be made to level these areas?

ANSWER: Carey Chauvin, interim assistant chief administrative officer for the city-parish Department of Public Works, says, “This area contains projects that are a part of the ongoing parishwide SSO Program (Highland Area Sewer Upgrades Phase A).

“Restoration efforts are included and a part of the project. Sometime within the next 30 days, we anticipate the contractor will be completing the road restoration work.”

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