Jarret McCasland will remain jailed until he stands trial Nov. 16 on a second-degree murder charge in the 2013 heroin overdose death of his girlfriend, a Baton Rouge judge decided Wednesday.

State District Judge Don Johnson set the trial date Wednesday and also denied McCasland’s request to have his bond reinstated.

Johnson revoked McCasland’s bond in late March after the 26-year-old Denham Springs man failed two drug tests, testing positive for cocaine.

McCasland’s attorney, Rodney Messina, argued Wednesday that his client cannot get the substance abuse treatment he needs if he is behind bars.

“He has a drug problem. Let’s get him some treatment for that problem,” Messina told the judge.

But prosecutor Will Morris countered that McCasland has demonstrated he isn’t the least bit concerned about getting clean.

“Jarret McCasland has no interest in getting treatment. His only interest is to get out of jail,” Morris argued.

McCasland is accused of injecting his 19-year-old girlfriend, Flavia Cardenas, with a lethal dose of heroin in July 2013. He has pleaded not guilty to the murder charge.

A witness told sheriff’s deputies that McCasland administered cocaine and heroin to Cardenas at the witness’ home because Cardenas did not know how to inject herself with the syringe.

In addition to heroin, cocaine and other substances were found in Cardenas’ body after her July 26, 2013, death, Messina has said.

In order to convict McCasland of second-degree murder under the state’s statute, prosecutors must prove, among other things, that heroin was the direct cause of her death.