For the first time since powerful storms rocked the Baton Rouge region on Monday, just about every Entergy customer should be able to flip on the lights and bask in the return of their power by Friday morning.

Entergy reported late Thursday afternoon that workers planned to restore power to the 5,000 customers without electricity across the state by nighttime. East Baton Rouge still had the biggest pocket of customers without power — about 2,700 people still in the dark after the Monday wave of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.

Amber Ferchaud, Entergy spokeswoman, said those still without power are mostly in small patches. She said Entergy first restores power to places with the strongest need, like hospitals, then to large expanses where power is out and finally to the areas where outages are more sparse.

The process can be lengthy, especially if trucks are blocked from entering where they need to go to restore electricity. In many of those cases, all of the restoration work has to be done by hand, she said.

Some people still might not see their power kick in once it’s technically turned back on if the damage was extensive enough, Ferchaud said. In those cases, Entergy is advising customers to call an electrician to repair their equipment.

“It was a pretty extensive storm, much stronger than people anticipated,” she said.

Some in Baton Rouge may have had the return of their power delayed from alleged threats made to Entergy workers who were trying to restore power earlier this week near Maplewood Drive.

Ferchaud said she heard that Entergy workers were met with hostility when trying to restore power in the area.

The workers planned to return Thursday with an off-duty police officer as a precaution, the Baton Rouge Police Department confirmed.

Ferchaud said she did not know any more details about the alleged incident, and Entergy’s spokesman based in Baton Rouge did not return calls on Thursday.

“I don’t know how bad it was,” Ferchaud said.