We congratulate Baton Rouge’s Ryan Auld on winning the most recent “Project Runway” competition, a coup for Auld and his many local fans. “Project Runway,” a popular reality series on Lifetime TV, features competition among several clothing designers who try to win the favor of a panel of judges.

Auld beat out fellow designers Uli Herzner and Emilio Sosa with his fashion creations. Auld received a degree in textile merchandising from LSU’s School of Human Ecology in 2010. He’s been a strong supporter of the school since his graduation, and Auld’s status as a cancer survivor has added another dimension of interest among his many admirers across America.

Auld’s victory was a nice reminder of the creative energy and talent present among Baton Rouge’s young people. That talent is worth celebrating — and encouraging.

We salute Auld on his win, and we wish him well in his future work as a designer. Considering the opportunities afforded by his “Project Runway” win, we doubt we’ve heard the last of Ryan Auld.