Photo provided by Ahmad Robertson -- Ahmad R. Robertson works with a St. Helena College and Career Academy student on a fall garden during a Sept. 24 visit.

Ahmad R. Robertson, assistant area agriculture and natural resource agent with the LSU and Southern University agricultural centers, shared tips on managing a fall garden Sept. 24 during a stop at the St. Helena College and Career Academy.

Robertson talked about plant spacing, location, transplanting, irrigation, mulching and cultivating of two vegetable plots.

Terry Guy, agricultural teacher at St. Helena College and Career Academy, works to prepare future agriculture leaders in the Supervised Agriculture Experience programs.

Volunteers and staff work together on the school garden project to provide youth with hands-on, research-based educational opportunities, Robertson said.

The outcome is to help youth become competent, caring, confident and connected students while learning about agriculture, food, nutrition and healthy living, Robertson said.

Gardens provide a site for hands-on learning and to practice using the scientific methods, he said.

The youth are excited about eating fruits and vegetables that they grow themselves, Guy said. Gardens also can be used to teach nutrition and food safety through proper harvest, processing and storage, Robertson said.