Ronnie Edwards returns to Metro Council for first meeting since June because of pancreatic cancer battle _lowres

Ronnie Edwards

Baton Rouge Councilwoman Ronnie Edwards, who has been locked in a two-year battle with pancreatic cancer, attended her first Metro Council meeting on Tuesday since June .

Edwards has missed the past several council meetings because she’s been enduring an aggressive treatment plan for her stage 4 cancer.

She stayed for a handful of key votes on Tuesday, including a vote to remove the requirement that convicted felons disclose their criminal histories on Baton Rouge government job applications. But she left about halfway through the meeting, after an hour and a half.

Despite her ailing health, Edwards is running for state representative and has secure a spot in the run off election. She qualified for the race from the hospital, by sending a signed affidavit with a representative.

Her opponent in the race Edmond Jordan recently made a campaign issue of her health, sending a mailer to 8,000 voters in the district pointing out Edwards’ absences from City Hall. He asked whether Edwards could handle the grueling schedule of the State Legislature if she was unable to keep up with her duties at the Metro Council.

Edwards called the move offensive and a mischaracterization of her health and her record of service.