Eighteen suspected of DWI between Thursday, Sunday in East Baton Rouge Parish _lowres

Fredrick Warner, 38, is accused of seventh offense DWI

A Baton Rouge man was arrested Sunday for the seventh time in ten years for driving while intoxicated, according to East Baton Rouge Parish Prison records.

Bail for Fredrick Warner, 38, who was arrested by the State Police, was set at $61,000, according to jail records.

Judges use their own discretion in setting bail, and there is no set number of DWI offenses that would result in bail being denied, East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore said Sunday.

Sunday’s arrest indicates Warner, of 1819 N. Marque Ann Drive, has been arrested for DWI six times within the past 10 years, but not necessarily that Warner has been convicted six times, Moore said.

A glassy-eyed Warner was stopped by a Louisiana State Trooper after traveling 78 mph in a 55 mph zone on Florida Boulevard in Baton Rouge around 2 a.m. Sunday, and was swaying when he tried to perform a field sobriety test, according to a State Police affidavit.

In addition to the DWI charge, Warner faces counts of violating the speed law and not having his driver’s license on him.

He already has two pending DWI cases against him in criminal courts, Moore said, and had been out on bail for a few months when he was arrested Sunday.