• MAIN STREET 82: $1,250,000, Louisiana Realtors,Total square footage: 8,837. Renovation of existing 3,786-square-foot office building and addition of 5,051 square feet to increase office size to 8,837 square feet for single tenant business occupancy. Revised plans March 3 to now demo and renovate existing 3,786-square-foot two-story office building and addition of two stories of 441 square feet. Also new 450-square-foot covered patio and site work changes. Issued March 27.
  • AIRLINE HIGHWAY 13873: $700,000, Guiliano Bubola. Total square footage: 9,600. 9,600-square-foot addition to an existing 7,200-square-foot automotive repair shop with 1 repair bay totaling 16,800 square feet. (Existing and new). Issued March 26.
  • AIRLINE HIGHWAY 11189: $160,000, Brian Rourke. Total square footage: 4,170. 4,170-square-foot two-story addition to expand an existing 8,100-square-foot two-story office/warehouse building for equipment rentals. Existing first floor of 6,150 square feet was used for equipment rentals, existing second floor of 1,850 square feet was used as a party rental area. New combined first floor area is 8,400 square feet. Issued March 26.
  • GOVERNMENT STREET 210: $0, Total square footage: 0. Pit-N-Peel Rick Davis. 695-square-foot kitchen addition to an existing building which is 2,100 square feet from a clothing store to a barbecue/seafood market. Issued March 26.


  • LEE DRIVE 216: $15,000, Lee Drive Retail Center. Total square footage: 1,110. 1,110-square-foot complete interior for nutrition and weight management business; includes 15 feet by 50 feet, 4-inch concrete slab infill. Issued March 26.


  • COLLEGE DRIVE 2363: $450,000, Miller Properties. Total square footage: 0. Renovation of 4,764-square-foot Waffle House restaurant. Removing all interior walls, doors, frames,remove all seating, remove all equipment and remove existing storefront and glazing. Issued March 24.
  • RUE DE LA VIE STREET 500: $115,000, Woman’s Hospital Stanley Shelton. Total square footage: 1,205. 1,205-square-foot renovations to a fourth floor suite in an existing medical office building. Issued March 24.
  • PLANK ROAD 6969: $68,000, Wilson Warehouse. Total square footage: 25,056. New installation of four new 15-ton rooftop units on existing storage warehouse building determined by architect to be structurally sound and capable. Issued March 27.
  • SOUTH SHERWOOD FOREST BOULEVARD 3851: $48,500, Robert Nguyen. Total square footage: 0. Massage and spa business, remodeling 1,000 square feet to the existing 2275-square-foot total. Issued March 26.
  • FLORIDA BOULEVARD 16745: $35,000, Chris Patel. Total square footage: 0. Building laundry room and removing canopy, will need support on second floor unit and green plate installed under walls.(Gerard Christ). Renovation of 1,068-square-foot hotel removing and replacing part of the roof and roof structure on the south end of Building A. It also includes shoring up the structure on the southeast end of the Building B. Issued March 25.
  • PERKINS ROAD 7069 : $30,000, MWA Perkins Club, LLC. Total square footage: 667. 667-square-foot remodel to first floor of an existing 19,670-square-foot two-story fitness club for hair salon space. Issued March 27.
  • GOVERNMENT STREET 3613: $18,000, Shekinah Glory. Total square footage: 500. Remodel 500-square-foot portion of first floor administration, also housing one bedroom, of a 3600-square-foot two-story rehab center. First-floor scope of work includes expansion of private and public restrooms for HC and shower areas. Second floor remains unchanged with continued use of more than 5 adults and receiving less than 24-hour custodial care in group counseling rooms. Issued March 24.


  • NORTH MISSION HILLS AVENUE 18051: $100,000, Brett Zeigler. Total square footage: 2,092. Addition of living area, bedroom, bathroom, extend garage and outdoor kitchen. Issued March 26.
  • WINDRIFT AVENUE 9255: $62,556, Josh Wilson. Total square footage: 2,406. Addition of new garage, rear porch-remodel interior, convert existing garage into living area, remove and relocate walls and outdoor kitchen (will require board of adjustment approval). Issued March 23.
  • LIBERTY ROAD 19880: $35,000, Rory and Laura Albarez. Total square footage: 460. Addition of 460-square-foot to residence. No plumbing work being done. Issued March 25.
  • BLOUIN AVENUE 1829: $22,516, Chris and Hilary Kennedy. Total square footage:866. Addition of master bedroom, bathroom, laundry room and breakfast area. Issued March 26.
  • GRAND VIEW DRIVE 8543: $13,800, Roman Banks. Total square footage: 192. Addition to extend living area of existing residence. Issued March 24.


  • AUDUBON SQUARE 6462: $290,862, Meridian Homes, LLC. Total square footage: 3,729. New single family residence. Issued March 23.
  • VIS-A-VIS AVENUE 18170: $283,374, G. M. Real Estate Mike Murphy. Total square footage: 3,633. New single family residence. Issued March 23.
  • MUIR STREET 6343: $282,516, Bardwell Construction Co., LLC. Total square footage: 3,622. Issued March 27.
  • PARKSIDE COURT 16025: $281,580, Bob Baudry. Total square footage: 3,610. New single family residence. Issued March 26.
  • MYRTLE BLUFF DRIVE 7157: $227,370, Owner not listed. Total square footage: 2915. New single family residence. Issued March 25.
  • NORTH CREEK LANE 10963: $204,750, Fetzer Properties Of Louisiana, LLC. Total square footage: 2,625. New construction townhouse. Issued March 24.
  • VALENCIA COURT 8050: $202,956, Owner not listed. Total square footage: 2,602. New single family residence, zero lot line. Issued March 24.
  • NORTH CREEK LANE 10947: $201,084, Fetzer Properties Of La., LLC. Total square footage: 2,578. New construction townhouse. Issued March 24.
  • MYRTLE BLUFF DRIVE 7031: $193,908,Owner not listed. Total square footage:2,486. New single family residence. Issued March 25.
  • NORTH CREEK LANE 10955: $192,972, Fetzer Properties Of Louisiana, LLC. Total square footage: 2,474. New construction townhouse. Issued March 24.
  • KAYLYNN AVENUE 8434: $191,022, Owner not listed. Total square footage: 2,449. New single family residence. Issued March 25.
  • MYRTLE BLUFF DRIVE 7149: $186,498, Owner not listed. Total square footage: 2,391. New single family residence. Issued March 23.
  • SEVILLE COURT 8316: $185,874, Lancaster Construction, LLC. Total square footage: 2,383. New construction residential issued. March 26.
  • KRISTENE AVENUE 7583: $120,432, Living Solutions Construction LLC. Total square footage: 1,544. New construction residential. Issued March 26.
  • JEFFERSON AVENUE 5425: $104,286, Robert Collins. Total square footage: 1,337. New single family residence. 3/23/2015


  • CHERRYDALE AVENUE 1747: $96,500, Owner not listed. Total square footage: 0. Addition of bathroom and closet to an existing residence; interior remodeling to dining room, kitchen, bedroom and sitting area. Issued March 26.
  • GEORGIA STREET 2841: $39,000, Tommy Robertson. Total square footage: 1,000. Repair of 25 percent fire damaged home. Plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and framing required. Issued March 23.
  • CARTER AVENUE 1808, UNIT A: $35,000, Matthew S. Estopinal. Total square footage: 224. Remodeling to existing half of duplex and addition of living area. Issued March 23.
  • KEED AVENUE 1211: $17,000, Eugene Booth. Total square footage: 0. Remodel back porch/stairs. Issued March 23.
  • BOOTSIE DRIVE 2930: $14,981, Larry Rowe. Total square footage: 0. General remodeling to repair termite damage. Issued March 23.
  • OLD HAMMOND HIGHWAY 8160: $12,948, Ty McMains. Total square footage: 498. Addition of storage, outdoor kitchen, extend second floor exterior wall. Issued March 26.
  • BOREAS DRIVE 1228: $12,000, Laquanta Bennett. Total square footage: 0. Fire estimated damage 6 percent. Issued March 25.
  • TIGER BEND ROAD 16720: $10,000, Fedcrico Marquez. Total square footage: 0. Garage renovation to include painting, closing garage door opening and add 24 foot by 43 foot storage building. Issued March 24.
  • COUNTRY CLUB 1624: $3,890, Jimmy Thomas. Total square footage: 0. Termite damage. Issued March 23.
  • COPPERFIELD COURT 7734: $3,890, Jimmy Thomas. Total square footage: 0. Termite damage. Issued March 23.
  • TECUMSEH STREET 3404: $2,000, Curtis Shorts. Total square footage: 0. 34 percent fire damage. Issued March 27.
  • CAROLYN SUE DRIVE 1969: $1,000, Steven Davis. Total square footage: 0. Enclose existing carport. Issued March 23.